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A new webshop for three countries and an iPad solution for the travelling salesman

A slumbering webshop was replaced by an entirely new version after C & E Gastro-Import contacted IT Relation. In addition, they got a new iPad solution, SalesManager, for the travelling sales representatives.

With the new solutions, C & E Gastro-Import achieved nicer product presentations, simpler search options and country-specific pricing, and they only need to update images and text in one place, even though the solutions run in Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and English.

We had a shop that nobody really used," says Managing Director Morten Krogh from C & E Gastro-Import. "We deal with some unique products in the food industry, and they require some great surroundings, which the old webshop could not offer."

We came up with many functionalities we wanted to include, and then we clarified with IT Relation what was possible from a technological point of view

— Morten Krogh, Managing Director at C & E Gastro-Import

Dialogue on functionalities

C & E Gastro-Import made a deal with IT Relation to develop two promotional solutions: A new webshop for customers and an iPad solution for the travelling sales representatives. The webshop was a priority and therefore C & E Gastro-Import started clarifying both internally and among customers what it should include. "We came up with a lot of functionalities we wanted to add, then we clarified with IT Relation what was possible from a technological point of view," says Morten Krogh.

Three countries – one shop

The most important thing for C & E Gastro-Import was to make it easy for customers in Denmark, Sweden and Norway to trade with the company. Morten Krogh explains, "We are a company with three countries, languages, categories, accounts, etc., but it is important that each customer does not notice the diversity. He just needs to see what is relevant to him. The new shop is customised to each country, so as an example when a Swedish customer is logged in, it is the Swedish prices he can see."

Simple product searches

"Our customers have come up with a lot of positive feedback in relation to the webshop," says Morten Krogh. "Among other things, they are happy with the fact that it is so easy to search for specific products or themes. If for example, they would like to make a evening event on food from Liguria, they can search for products from that particular area. And it is nice for them to be able to place orders at all hours, as many of them are chefs and restaurateurs with some very odd working hours."

Integration with the financial system

The webshop is also easy to use for C & E Gastro-Import themselves. Because it is fully integrated with the company's financial system, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the two systems constantly exchange information with each other. "When a customer place an order with the webshop, the message automatically goes into NAV," explains Morten Krogh. "In this way, we can always keep track of what we have in stock, and customers can always see which items they can buy as well as the current price of the products."

iPad sales solution, online and offline

Alongside the webshop project, C & E Gastro-Import has implemented the iPad solution SalesManager, which the travelling sales representative can use as an alternative to the traditional paper catalogues and handwritten orders. Through the solution, the sales representative can both present the products and record orders while visiting the customers. Just like the webshop, the iPad solution is fully integrated with the company's financial system, and therefore it always has the current images, text and prices. The sellers can even use SalesManager in offline mode and it will synchronise with the accounting system as soon as the sales representative has access to the internet again. As the entire process is automated, SalesManager ensures, that the order registration is more effective, while the solution minimises the risk of errors.

More efficient sales time for the sales representatives

Morten Krogh expects, that the SalesManager solution, which has just been implemented, will be a great success. "An iPad can be something visual that paper cannot. We have rephotographed all our products so that they present an attractive appearance. At the same time, the sales representatives no longer have to re-enter all their orders when they come back to the office, as all the information from the meeting with the customer is already in NAV, and the order has proceeded to the dispatch department. It gives the sales representatives more time to be out in the field and not at the desk."

Inspiring confidence and competent partner

One of the next things C & E Gastro-Import would like to have are apps, so that the customers have easy access to the webshop via smartphones and tablets. And this is something IT Relation should also do. "For me, the most important thing with a supplier is that you are comfortable with the cooperation and that you get what you pay for. This is what we get at IT Relation. They are good at attracting competent manpower, and as a customer we enjoy the benefits of this," says Morten Krogh.

Since 1988 C & E Gastro-Import has imported gourmet Mediterranean specialties and sold them on to the leading restaurants, cantines, supermarkets and delis in Scandinavia. The company has approximately 50 employees in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

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