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Optimisation of ICS network increases stability and security

The two supply companies Varde Forsyning A/S and Esbjerg Forsyning A/S were facing a merger. In this connection the company with the new name DIN Forsyning (YOUR supply company) needed help to build up a common ICS infrastructure. IT Relation’s Cloud Network Specialist Dan Sørup Olesen was given the assignment.

From two outdated platforms into one centralised

“The main task was to get the ICS servers of DIN Forsyning to a hosted platform in IT Relation’s data centre and by so doing to build up a more secure platform,” says Dan Sørup Olesen. Among other things the challenge was that the two companies came from separate outdated server platforms and network infrastructures, which challenged the cohesion and safety. Therefor it was necessary to devise a plan for how the merger could be done with reliability and scalability in mind.

"The solution was to establish a new MPLS network provided by Stofa Erhverv and with IT relation as key redundant location. Currently IT Relation supply Internet Breakout through one centralised redundant firewall solution in the data centre (Network-as-a-service). At the same time, a solution has been integrated which easily and securely gives DIN Forsyning third-party access to their respective ICS areas," explains Dan Sørup Olesen.

"The ICS network is an incredible important system for supply companies, as it can put the supply out of service at worst if it is not working optimally. “For that reason we have chosen either a redundant MPLS solution or MPLS with failover via LTE/3G at selected critical locations,” says Dan Sørup Olesen.

Improved transparency and monitoring 24/7

In addition to this one of the tasks was to replace DIN Forsyning’s outdated network equipment and begin an outsourced traffic control to IT Relation. Cisco was chosen as the supplier of the Switch/Router/WiFi hardware.

"We chose to have the Access Points controlled from a central controller in the data centre to all SRO systems. This was carried out with the aim of making it as easy as possible for the employees at the supply company to access the servers from their iPads/PCs on a daily basis," says Henrik Kruse Jensen, ICS coordinator of DIN Forsyning. DIN Forsyning has achieved an improved transparency and easier operation of Access Points with the new Wi-Fi solution and a single point-of-contact for their ICS network.

DIN Forsyning has designed a backup and operational solution where the IT Relation’s Operations Center takes a backup of all network and server assets. IT Relation monitors the company’s infrastructure 24/7, 365 days a year and escalation procedures for handling any errors have been made in cooperation with DIN Forsyning.

Dan has been a great sparring partner in relation to the establishment of a more secure network for our ICS system.

— Henrik Kruse Jensen, ICS Coordinator at DIN Forsyning

Sparring partner with constructive possible solutions

DIN Supply ICS coordinator Henrik Kruse Jensen emphasises the value of having an external partner: "Dan has been a great sparring partner in relation to the establishment of a more secure network for our ICS system. He has contributed constructive possible solutions throughout the process, which we have realised with success. Then the actual implementation has just gone really quickly." 

DIN Forsyning is now halfway through the start-up phase and are pleased that the security is now at its peak and the monitoring is in safe hands with IT Relation’s specialists.

DIN Forsyning A/S is a supply company in Esbjerg and Varde Municipality that handles waste, drinking water, waste water and district heating. The company was formed by a merger of Esbjerg Forsyning A/S and Varde Forsyning A/S on 2nd March, 2015.

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