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Dyrlæger & Ko has automated workflows between veterinarians and farmers

Dyrlæger & Ko is a professional association of over 100 cattle veterinarians across the country. With the help of IT Relation, the chain office ensures the delivery of SharePoint-based IT solutions for the veterinary surgeon’s practices that are part of the association.

One of the solutions is the internet portal LandmandsWEB (Farmer Web). On this portal veterinarians and farmers can exchange and approve documents electronically, making life easier for both parties.

"In our industry, there are a lot of documents going back and forth between veterinarians and farmers,” says Dan Borup Jørgensen, Chain Manager at Dyrlæger & Ko. "Many of the documents have to be approved and filed in a certain way to meet requirements of the public sector. As an example, if a veterinarian prescribes medicine for a cow, he first has to return to his practice, write a prescription, print an instruction form in duplicate and then drive back to the farmer to get them signed. Then both the veterinarian and the farmer have to arrange for the filing of their copies of the documents in the correct way."

On the whole, we are very pleased with working together with IT Relation. We are well matched [...] and I also like the fact that we have an assigned liaison.

Dan Borup Jørgensen, Chain Manager at Dyrlæger & Ko

From manual to automatic processes

In order to limit the very complicated manual processes, Dyrlæger & Ko developed LandmandsWEB in collaboration with IT Relation. LandmandsWEB is an internet portal that is integrated with veterinarians’ daily SharePoint solution, so that they did not have to learn a new user interface. When a veterinarian establishes an account for one of his farmers on LandmandsWeb, he also activates an automated workflow. The farmer will be notified by mail if there is something he needs to read or approve, and when he has approved it electronically, it is automatically archived correctly for both the farmer and the veterinarian.

The confidence of accurate archiving

"Daily life has become much easier for veterinarians and farmers with LandsmandsWEB," says Dan Borup Jørgensen. "Beyond being a huge time saver for both parties, it also gives the farmer the reassurance that the filing has carried out in the correct way in case the authorities checks their documents. It is nice to know on a busy day, where a sick animal can easily remove the focus from the paperwork."

Delighted by the preliminary analysis

Together with IT Relation, Dyrlæger & Ko has put their backs into it to prepare a preliminary analysis, ensuring that the final solution lived up to the users' requests. Dan Borup Jørgensen explains, "We have benefited greatly from IT Relation’s help in relation to the preliminary analysis. This meant that we were very sure about what was going to happen, who should do what, and what it would cost."

An assigned liaison makes the co-operation easier

“On the whole, we are very pleased about working with IT Relation. We are well matched because both organisations are thorough and thinking things through properly. And I also like the fact that we have an assigned liaison who we can always contact. If there is a problem, he makes sure that it is resolved immediately. It seems as if IT Relation’s employees have freedom with responsibility to a large extent and that they do not have to clear everything with their support base before making a decision. This makes it easier for us because we can just decide between us what has to be done," concludes Dan Borup Jørgensen.

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