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Virtual high fives provide motivation and solidarity

The engineering company Orbicon wanted an intranet that above all could give the company a platform for knowledge and information sharing, but which at the same time could also strengthen their social cohesion.

IT Relation’s development department was given the task of solving this challenge and specially developed an intranet based on the platform SharePoint 2013. The intranet was developed with a particular focus on meeting Orbicon’s wish to strengthen their social relations, and therefore more specialised modules were added with the opportunity for social interaction. In addition, the intranet was developed in close collaboration with Orbicon, who were involved throughout the development phase and who could contribute feedback on the features.

We have just made a new poll showing that 95% of all the questions asked were answered, and the vast majority within the same day.

— Filip Rasmussen, Team Leader of Communications and Marketing at Orbicon

Platforms to celebrate internal success stories

Even though the real functional value of the intranet was the primary focus point, it appeared that the social functions gave some significant and valuable results. Among other things, Orbicon has got several "social walls" where the employees can post their contributions. The other employees can then comment, "like" and "tag"- in the same way as you would do it in the social media. The social walls are used for knowledge sharing as well as sharing internal success stories.

"Usually we are probably not that good at celebrating our successes within the field of engineering, but the intranet’s integrated social functions have opened up entirely new opportunities" says Filip Rasmussen, team leader of communication and marketing at Orbicon. He describes, how the social wall is an easy way to give a pat on the back to a colleague who is not working in the same office. According to Filip Rasmussen, the simple and ordinary way of giving each other a "like" makes a difference in everyday life. "In short, we have got a platform to provide virtual high fives. And that is something we have been lacking before. The internal enthusiasm is great and it strengthens both the company’s motivation and spirit of solidarity."

Effective knowledge-sharing across the country

By means of Orbicon’s new intranet the employees can also ask professional questions of each other across the nationwide organisation. In this way the geographical barrier is dismantled, as an employee in Roskilde has the opportunity to ask a question which is later answered by a staff member from North Jutland. "The intranet encourages the employees to lively discussions which we are very pleased about and at the same time we feel that we have moved a little closer to each other," says Filip Rasmussen. "We have just made a new poll showing that 95% of all the questions asked were answered, and the vast majority within the same day, or less. There is success for you!"

"Knowledge sharing is indeed a buzzword which has been at the scene for many years, but nevertheless IT Relation’s intranet has proven that it is possible  – and that it has an effect," concludes Filip Rasmussen.

Orbicon A/S advises public and private companies on environment, nature, supply, construction, information technology and building. With approximately 500 employees, 11 offices in Denmark and two in Greenland, Orbicon is one of the significant players on the Danish consultancy market.

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