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Outsourcing Skype for Business to IT Relation

In October 2013 Skype for Business became an important part of everyday life at Valcon A/S in Hørsholm. The IT manager at Valcon is pleased with the fact that the company chose to outsource the Skype for Business platform to IT Relation from the start.

"Excluding our service windows, we have had an uptime of 100 percent. We would never have been able to run Skype for Business in such a constant way," says Danni Jensen.

Fantastic prospects with Skype for Business

Skype for Business has improved the communication at Valcon and according to the IT Manager the quality matches "mobility", which is one of the cornerstones of Valcon's strategy.
"As an example, Skype for Business has provided great opportunities when it comes to meetings where the participants are not physically together. The meeting can quickly be summoned because Skype for Business allows you to participate whether you are sitting in your car or in front of your PC anywhere in the world."

Their staff is incredibly competent and has a both a deep and broad specialist knowledge of Skype for Business.

— Danni Jensen, IT Manager at Valcon

Outsourcing provides security

Being responsible for Valcon IT, it also offers Danni Jensen a peace of mind that the company's Skype For Business is hosted by IT Relation:
"Their staff is extremely competent and has a both deep and broad specialist knowledge of Skype for Business. It puts my mind at rest to know that we always have Skype For Business specialists available."

"Support for our development"

Valcon is a company, which is undergoing constant development. According to the IT manager it generates requirements, which IT Relation meets to the full:

"If we need some new initiatives on the Skype For Business platform, we ask IT Relation whether they can implement them. They can always implement them, and they do it quickly and efficiently. Additionally, they always notify us of updates and new opportunities that are beneficial to us and implement them so that they work the first time, every time. In this way Skype For Business supports our development consistently and in optimum manner."

It has been important for Valcon getting a Skype For Business solution, as Skype For Business telephony was closely connected with the possibility of conventional telephony. According to Danni Jensen, the close co-operation between IT Relation and Telenor (where Valcon is a customer) has given Valcon some obvious highlights:
"The fact that IT Relation and Telenor know each other ensures a smooth co-operation between the two parties, so that both the error diagnosis and the implementation of improvements are carried out really quickly."

Cheaper to outsource

Valcon has by no means regretted choosing IT Relation when outsourcing Skype For Business:
"Other that being cheaper for us to outsource, because we do not need the competence for Skype For Business in-house, the specialists of IT Relation ensure that our operation of Skype For Business is more reliable than if we had to run it ourselves. In addition to that we have a really good feeling for IT Relation always being very occupied in meeting our specific needs."

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