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Optimise your IT equipment with a Hardware as-a-Service solution

At the present time many companies have become aware of the fact that there are great advantages in acquiring IT equipment in a "as-a-service" solution. This is partly because they have realised that the value is obtained by using the equipment  – not by owning it.

Our HaaS solution

In co-operation with our partner we offer a Hardware-as-a-Service solution with a fixed monthly fee. The solution also takes care of the registration of equipment during the contract period as well as the handling of the equipment when the period expires. It therefore involves both financing, Asset Management and re-marketing.

The advantages of choosing a HaaS solution

One advantage of paying for IT equipment over fixed monthly payments is that the user value and savings follow the cost. In that way this will give you a very quick Return On Investment (ROI). A framework agreement is made available and you can acquire the equipment regularly. The payment is initiated at agreed intervals and the delivery can be approved electronically. 

During the contract period, you can monitor the equipment continuously and distribute it properly at cost centers in the Asset Management system. You can also extract necessary technical and financial reports for your accounts and your administration. There is no risk of depreciating of the equipment. Liquidity is not tied up in an IT solution (neither software nor hardware). The projected resale value of the equipment is included up-front, providing a lower monthly payment during the usage period. Moreover we also ensure the deletion of data for all equipment returned.


The equipment must be insured, and the necessary insurance is offered as an integrate part of the agreement. You can also choose to use your own insurance. In this case, a declaration should be signed by you and your insurance company.

When the agreement expires, you can:

  • check Return the equipment to us
  • check Extend the period of agreement
  • check Purchase the equipment at market value

Calculation example

1 smartphone, 5,000 DKK = 235 DKK per month for 24 months.
1 PC/Laptop 7,500 DKK = 250 DKK per month for 36 months.

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