IT Relation builds with acquisition of It-afdelingen A/S


We are pleased to announce that IT Relation has signed an agreement regarding the purchase of It-afdelingen A/S. With the acquisition, we are now even stronger in the ever-expanding IT market.

We want to strengthen our position and competencies especially in the Copenhagen area, and in general, we are even more focused on proximity to our customers across the country. It is an important part of our strategy of being geographically close to our customers.

Proximity means, of course, also optimal customer service. It-afdelingen A/S fully matches this setting, as their corporate culture is also based on personal relationships and credibility. It-afdelingen A/S is a highly development-oriented and proactive company that has achieved several great recognitions.

It-afdelingen A/S was established in the year 2000 and primarily serves small and medium-sized customers with specialist knowledge in outsourcing, hosting and IT operations. The company has 60 employees and has its headquarters in Hørsholm. With the introduction of the It-afdelingen A/S, we will be able to offer enhanced and broad competence coverage to our customers in the future.

During the next few months, we will begin the integration of our new colleagues, as well as plan the future structure and implementation process. The ambition is that the It-afdelingen A/S is a fully integrated part of IT Relation during the fall of 2018.

We are looking forward to an exciting common future.

Further information:

Dennis Nørgaard
CEO, It-afdelingen A/S
+45 2090 3050

Henrik Kastbjerg
CEO, IT Relation A/S
+ 45 2069 6700