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Total outsourcing to IT Relation

At the Advokatsamfundet’s office in Copenhagen they had a growing need for an IT system with a more stabilised operation. Apart from the unstable system several unexpected additional expenses for the running of the IT platform created frustrations in the management.

"When we had a breakdown, or if there was an error in the system, it was often very complicated and expensive to find a solution to the problem," says Maria Elena Klüver, Chief Administrative Officer at the Advokatsamfundet.

We have experienced fewer breakdowns and errors, and when they do occur, they are quickly resolved.

Maria Elena Klüver, Chief Administration Officer at Advokatsamfundet

Fewer breakdowns and expenses

So in 2013 the Advoktsamfundet outsourced all IT to Front-data. The goal was a more stable operation and more predictable costs.
"And we have achieved our goal. We have experienced fewer breakdowns and errors, and when they do occur, they are quickly resolved. We have also achieved financial transparency in the IT area, as we know the exact costs month by month," says Maria Elena Klüver.

Total outsourcing recommended

The Advokatsamfundet had no doubt that if they had to outsource the IT, they had to outsource all of it:
"We are pleased about taking the plunge. If we had only outsourced partially, we would still have the old problems of unstable operation and we would have maintained old the costs of retaining our server capacity. Moreover, we have economised on the expenses for internal IT skills. I would definitely recommend total outsourcing to other companies.”

The Chief Administration Officer is also very aware of the side benefits that followed in the aftermath of letting IT Relation host all their IT.
"With the servers out of the way, we save money on power, and we no longer need to rush to the office at night when there is a breakdown. IT Relation attends to those matters 24 hours a day.

"IT Relation would like to help us"

In overall terms, the Advokatsamfundet has gained more confidence after the outsourcing  – both at a financial and at a operational level, explains the Chief Administrative Officer. She also stresses that it was far from a coincidence that it was IT Relation that the Advokatsamfundet chose:
"They are decent people and also very competent and professional. We saw this right from the start. They want to help us, and they are skillful at seeing and understanding our specific needs. We always had the feeling that they really wanted to help, and that is a good feeling."

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