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GoSign is the right solution for Coop Bank

When Coop Bank started working on offering online financing internally, it was a requirement that the solution was based on a secure digital signature solution. In collaboration with IT Relation, Coop Bank has moved quickly from idea to running solution.

"From our perspective, IT Relation and GoSign have taken part in developing a good solution and a setup through which we can offer online loan financing  – from a digital premise that when you shop online, it has to be fast and safe," says Tore Hageskov, Marketing Manager at Coop Bank.

IT Relation is good at playing together with our developers and our business, and understand both the technical and the commercial side of things.

— Tore Hageskov, Marketing Manager at Coop Bank

Customers can always see what they are signing

A unique feature of the IT Relation’s digital signature solution is that the user can view the loan document while signing it.

"Coop Bank places great emphasis on the fact that customers can always see what they are signing. This the reason why it has been important to us that the customer can see the loan document while signing it," says Tore Hageskov, adding, “At Coop Bank, it is in our DNA to be transparent and customer-focused and in that way easily understood in everything we do."

Well received by the customers

The number of customers who take advantage of the offer of online loan financing has gone beyond expectations, says Tore Hageskov: "GoSign from IT Relation is based on a well-known system using NemID, helping to provide security for our customers. At the same time, we have sought to ensure that the financing could be made easily and quickly with this solution. IT Relation could help us with this solution through GoSign."

Not just a satisfied marketing manager, also a satisfied CIO

The IT department is also very satisfied with both the solution and the cooperation with IT Relation.    

"We chose IT Relation among the possible suppliers, because they were the ones who had a good overview of the system’s setup, and when we asked about the solution, we received a quick response," says CIO Tom Jensen, adding, "We worked on a short deadline  – IT Relation promised that they could make things work quickly, and they kept that promise."

A good co-operation with both developers and business

In continuation of 2-3 months of close collaboration in drafting the specification, IT Relation administered the final delivery within a few weeks. Tom Jensen is pleased with the short and effective implementation process: "The co-operation with IT Relation went very well. IT Relation have been quick to understand our requirements and wishes. IT Relation is good at playing together with our developers and our business, and understand both the technical and the commercial side of things. The implementation succeeded in a good and quickly manner, and we have been very happy with the progress and the cooperation."

Coop Bank was established in June 2013 as a service for Coop's 1,6 million members. Today, the bank has more than 70,000 customers.

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