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IT solution from IT Relation supports addiction treatment in Greater Copenhagen municipalities

KABS is a treatment centre for drug addicts, and is owned by Glostrup Municipality, but the institution also serves a wide range of other Greater Copenhagen municipalities with addiction treatment. Through a long-standing partnership with IT Relation, KABS has developed the IT solution KLABS, which was mainly a client registration and statistics system in the beginning, but which is today a full EHR system that supports the many processes that begin when a citizen receives treatment.

"We can not function without KLABS," says Christian Scharbau, Administration Manager at KABS. "We are completely dependent on it each and every day to know who is in treatment, and the intensity with which they receive treatment. And the municipalities to which we provide addiction treatment need to know exactly when individual citizens have started treatment, when they are released and the treatment they have received. All the data we record during the process must be easy to collect, so that municipalities will have the right information."

There are constantly new legal requirements from municipalities and the state, and therefore it is important that the system is flexible so that we can continuously develop new modules and functions. It is the backbone of the entire organisation.

— Christian Scharbau, Administration Manager at KABS

Settlement and reporting for municipalities and the state

"On top of KLABS, there is a fare system, so that the municipalities are automatically informed about how much they should pay for the services we provide," continues Christian Scharbau. "The municipalities pay a price per user, per day, based on a price catalog. At the same time, we report against public records and must as an example provide data for the drug database that belongs to the National Board of Social Services."

Treatment procedures are supported all round

"We started our cooperation with IT Relation back in 2002, and since that time we have developed the system together, in line with our needs and various statutory requirements that have changed," continues Christian Scharbau. "The latest major change means that the system now directly supports the work routines throughout the abuse treatment. How should treatment be organised, what will happen when, and so on. There is an inherent logic of when to do what on a course of treatment, and it supports the system."

General overview and built-in scheduler

With KLABS, the therapists have a comprehensive overview of the individual citizen's situation, as all data and correspondence relating to the citizen's treatment lies within the system. As an example this applies to public records and information about the medicine they receive. At the same time with the latest version of the solution a built-in calendar and scheduling function is provided, which means that the care providers will automatically be notified when people come in to have their next treatments, and the treatments in question.

Ongoing development by changing regulatory requirements and needs

"There will always be new legal requirements from municipalities and the state, and therefore it is important that the system is flexible, so that we can continuously develop new modules and functions. It is the backbone of the entire organisation, "says Christian Scharbau. "As an example, local authorities are required to arrange follow-up appointments at specific intervals, and the system automatically keeps an eye on this, so the right people are notified when it is time for a new appointment with a citizen. There is still a lot we would like to add to the system in the future, and we are working on this together with IT Relation."

Understanding the needs of the organisation

"We speak regularly with IT Relation about what we would like the system to do, and then they think out a plan of how it can be done. It works really well! We have had the same regular contact person throughout the years, so she knows the system to her the fingertips. On the whole, IT Relation just understands our world and are quick to respond when we need it - it is a huge help!"

Københavns Amts Behandlingscenter for Stofbrugere (KABS) are part of Glostrup Municipality, but the organisation provides abuse treatment for about 700 people in over 15 Greater Copenhagen municipalities. KABS has branches in Glostrup, Gentofte, Hvidovre and Copenhagen, and has approximately 100 employees, who are pedagogues, social workers, psychologists, social and healthcare assistants, nurses, doctors and administrative staff.

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