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Customised Citrix solution kick-starts the kitchen sales

The Danish manufacturer of kitchens, Kvik A/S, gained access to a unique module with an update to Navision that made it possible to draw 3D kitchens in their stores. Kvik A/S saw a great sales potential in getting the module implemented in all of their shops, and chose to give the assignment to IT Relation.

From a local setup to a centralised platform

"The problem was that back then, Kvik A/S had a setup that primarily ran on heavy workstations located in the shops. This was the reason why it was costly to implement the graphically intensive module at the many locations," says System Consultant Jakob Thalund Jensen, who was the driving force on the assignment.

Jacob explains, that it quickly became clear that the solution was an implementation of a Citrix setup that would work from one central platform:
"In the first part of the project, we activated Citrix and installed Invidia Grid K1 graphics on Kvik’s servers to optimise the performance and to avoid having the graphic data spread out locally. Then the task consisted in testing the applications thoroughly and fine-tune the settings to fit Kvik's wishes and requirements."

IT Relation contributed to the project with solid competence - not only regarding the Citrix challenge, but also the infrastructure in general, and the factors that create value for the user.

— Sonny Overgaard Juhl, IT Operations Manager at Kvik

Extensive technical skills gave reassurance

Jacob emphasises that the challenge in this context is that the solution is based on an evaluation of the capacity in the individual company; how much can be drawn in a session, and especially how high the quality of graphics must be. IT Operation Manager at Kvik, Sonny Overgaard Juhl, points out that throughout the process, he has felt comfortable with IT Relation’s technical expertise and recommendations: "IT Relation has contributed to the project with extensive competence  – not only regarding the Citrix challenge, but also the infrastructure in general, and the factors that create value for the user."

A partner who sees the options

That the solution was customised to Kvik’s special needs is also one of the positive aspects that Sonny Overgaard Juhl highlights:
"From the beginning the project progress was based on assumptions about a product that was continuously specially developed for Kvik A/S. In this way IT Relation delivered a solution where the 3D drawing program was directly integrated into Navision. In projects of this type, it is of vital importance to work with a partner who sees the options instead of the limitations and has the skills to navigate the constant changes in addition."

Today, Kvik is over halfway through the launch of the Citrix set-up in the different countries. Sonny Overgaard Juhl is pleased with the new opportunities, but also with the responsibility that IT Relation has taken on during the project stages:
"IT Relation has been an invaluable partner in this journey and all the way to the finish line  – and even if the project has transformed into operation, future development will continue on this customer-driven system".

Kvik A/S has produced designer kitchens since 1983. In addition to kitchens, the company also produces bathrooms, wardrobes and interiors.

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