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Sampension increases customer satisfaction with new digital signing solution

As part of an overall digital strategy, Sampension is constantly working to limit the amount of physical mail. With a digital signing solution from IT Relation, Sampension’s customers can sign documents with their NemID today, reducing administrative costs and providing better customer satisfaction.

"Every time one of our customers wants to change something in a pension plan, or if – for example – they want to make a bequeathment or transfer a pension plan from another company, a signature is required," says Frank Marlow Ravn, technical project manager at Sampension. "Until recently, we either sent documents by post or our customers printed them from our website. In any case, they had to be signed by hand and returned to us by snail mail after which we had to scan them to get a digital copy. It was a very resource- and time-consuming process, both for us and for our customers."

Signing now takes place in much the same way that our customers know from net banking.

— Jan Elbrus, Project Manager for Digital Communication at Sampension

Offers and other documents accepted with NemID

"Today we use a signing solution from IT Relation in two different contexts," adds Jan Elbrus, Project Manager for Digital Communication at Sampension. "Firstly, we can send offers and other documents to digital mailboxes where our customers can log in and sign digitally with their NemID. Secondly, we have different self-service solutions on our website where our customers can find the right documents and sign them digitally after having completed them with the necessary data."

A well-known solution

IT Relation has provided digital signing solutions for as long as it has been possible to sign online, and with the NemID possibility, Sampension now has a signing solution that customers recognise from many other contexts. Jan Elbrus elaborates: "Signing takes place in much the same way that our customers know from net banking. Moreover, during the last four years they have logged on to our website with NemID, so it is natural for them also to use NemID as a signature."

Increased customer satisfaction

"We have not been involved in the solution that long, but we already feel that our customers are pleased with it," continues Jan Elbrus. "Normally a few days could pass from our customers talking to us to receiving a letter by snail mail. By that time, they were no longer focusing on retirement plans, and a large number of customers never managed to sign and return the letter."

Costs cutting

Sampension’s primary goal in connection with the signing solution is an increased customer satisfaction, but Frank Marlow Ravn points out that there are also efficiency gains involved: "When the document does not have to pass through several hands, we reduce our costs, and they ultimately benefit our customers."

Professional supplier of secure solutions

From a technical point of view digital signing operates more or less as a plug-and-play solution, so it has been easy for Sampension get started. Jan Elbrus explains: "We examined various options, but we knew that IT Relation had a well-functioning solution which was easy to use." Frank Marlow Ravn adds: "IT Relation already provides NemID as a secure login solution on our website, so it was a natural choice. In addition, we know from the past that they are professional and fast, and that they really know what they are talking about."

New doors are opened

Sampension quickly benefited from the digital signing solutions in the areas which they ranked highest, and in the future, they expect to use the solution even more. "There will be more and more document types that customers can sign through our website, and today our customers can actually sign though all digital devices. In particular, we experienced a great demand for being able to log in from a tablet, and the customers now have that opportunity," says Frank Marlow Ravn.

Sampension was established in 1928 and today it manages pension plans for nearly 300,000 Danes. In that way Sampension is Denmark's third largest pension company. Its customers are mainly employed in the municipal and state sectors.

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