Global Production

Are you interested in development, automation, and IT security? Do you want to invest in your career by upskilling and staying up to date on new technologies and trends? In Global Production, employees are constantly developing!

Global Production has more than 190 dedicated employees who work to strengthen our customers’ business using the latest technology in areas such as troubleshooting, IT security, monitoring, and automation. If you are geeky, innovative, and meticulous about your work, you will find like-minded in Global Production.

They are organized in the departments Cyber Defence Center, Microsoft & VDesktop, Applications & Linux, Monitoring, AIOPS, Backup & Patch, Global Operations, and Network. Each department consists of highly skilled specialists within their specific field. 

Below, each department tells us more about their tasks, competencies, culture, and development opportunities.

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Cyber Defence Center against IT threats 

In Cyber Defence Center, we monitor, assess, and respond to our customers’ IT security threats and incidents. We act as both Security Operation Center (SOC) and Managed Detection Response (MDR). Through our services such as Baseline Security, SIEM and Vulnerability Management, we monitor the daily level of threats to help our customers and secure our internal IT environment.

We keep up with the latest trends

Effective IT security is crucial for both our customers' and our own business. Security is an area constantly evolving, which makes it incredibly exciting and educational to work with! In Cyber Defence Center, we have the desire and ability to keep up with the fast-paced development. With us, you will therefore experience continuous learning and plenty of opportunities for certifications in the field. We are all passionate about security and are geeky, curious, and structured in our approach to tasks and challenges.

Close cooperation – across locations

Because IT security is everywhere, we work closely with all departments in IT Relation. Just as we care about our customers’ businesses, we care about our own. Currently, we have 11 employees working in our offices in Aarhus, Kolding, and Prague as well as remotely, but you can work from everywhere.

Professional development, flexibility, and team spirit

We have a wide range of customers and therefore the opportunity to offer various exciting challenges that strengthen professional development. Flexibility and a strong community across borders are important to us. In our everyday life, there is always space for a nerdy discussion about the latest knowledge in cyber security. And although it can be fast paced, we prioritize being supportive by listening and helping each other.

Microsoft & VDesktop – bringing technology and culture together

Microsoft & VDesktop are two international teams working closely together under the same unit but handling different tasks.

  • In Microsoft, the tasks are centered on the core servers of Microsoft technology: AD, GPO, DNS, DHCP, IIS, and PowerShell Automation. We support Microsoft Operation System across all platforms – including Azure, VMware, and Hyper-V.
  • In VDesktop, we set standards for deployment and handle advanced troubleshooting on products and technologies from Citrix, RDS, Azure Virtual Desktop, SMS Passcode, VMware Horizon, etc. Furthermore, we optimize our Load Balancer Endpoint and integrate sign-ins to environments with Azure AD based on Citrix ADC.

International team of problem solvers 

In both teams, we have deep technical knowledge and strong communication skills. We solve complex problems every day, which requires you to be curious, independent, innovative, result-oriented and dare to move outside your comfort zone. We work together across borders and cultures, which creates a unique team dynamic where we learn a lot from each other’s different views and skills – both professionally and personally. We believe this is important to our success and to the success of our assignments.   

Focusing on cooperation

Microsoft and VDesktop cover many areas, platforms, and technologies, which is why we work with all departments in IT Relation, including the rest of Global Production as well as Market and itm8 Data Centre. Our 25 employees are currently spread across our locations in Denmark and Prague, and there is also great flexibility to work from home.

Freedom to be creative, develop and work in teams

As an employee, you will be part of a team in a friendly and honest atmosphere, where we are committed to knowledge sharing, teamwork, freedom, and flexibility. We want to support your professional growth journey by giving you the freedom to think creatively, apply new technologies and develop smarter solutions and processes. We also prioritize social activities and team building where work is off the table.

Applications & Linux has the answer to complex questions

Applications & Linux is level 3 support, and we therefore only handle the tasks that level 1 and 2 support cannot resolve. This means that we are part of solving the most difficult and complicated tasks. We work with troubleshooting, automation of job functions, Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and development of monitoring metrics and new services for our customers. Furthermore, we are often involved in the design and implementation phase of larger and more complex solutions.

A mix of technical knowledge, passion, and sparring 

We have deep technical knowledge in each of our areas – including SQL, Microsoft 365, Exchange, Oracle, Azure, and Linux. Everyone is passionate, analytical, and willing to go the extra mile when needed. We believe that a high level of professionalism, daily sparring, and happy colleagues create the best conditions for working independently and act proactively instead of reactively. As an employee in Applications & Linux, we expect you to be able to think outside the box to provide customers with the best possible service.   

Daily cooperation across

We work closely with AIOPS regarding new developments as well as the Microsoft team, as our applications run on this platform. Furthermore, we work with Market on services, Project & Portfolio Management on projects, Service Management on customer contact and the whole Network team, as this is necessary for all solutions. Today our 25 employees are located in Aarhus, Herning and Prague.

Strong teamwork with challenges and development

In Applications & Linux we are proud to have many employees with high seniority. We have a strong team spirit and an open and informal environment with many constructive dialogues where there is space to speak your mind. We make an active effort to ensure that our employees are happy to go to work every day – among other things by giving them time and space for immersion, development, socialization, certifications and, not least, plenty of professional challenges!

Monitoring that strengthens the customer’s business

In Monitoring, our 12 skilled employees handle the operation, configuration, and development of our monitoring platforms to strengthen the customer’s business through IT. We have several recognized monitoring platforms, including SCOM, ScienceLogic, SolarWinds, and Checkmk. Furthermore, we develop specialized monitoring in PowerShell and Python – according to the customer’s requirements and needs.

Geeks sharing passion and dedication

We share the same passion for monitoring and are dedicated to the motto “good monitoring is one of the cornerstones of running our customers’ servers”. We believe that monitoring is a tool that provides unique insights and increases our productivity. With us, there is space to be geeky about your work. At the same time, the people in Monitoring are solution-oriented, analytical, and collaborative – and we all consider scripting as a natural approach in our work.

Cooperation is key

We focus on continuous improvement and know our areas of competence – and our limitations. To ultimately provide the best service to our customers, we cooperate with and are assisted by other departments. For example, we work closely with technology specialists on new monitoring approaches, advise Sales in their sales activities and assist various departments in their Root Cause Analysis of incidents. We can work from all our locations in Denmark, Prague, and the Philippines.  

Freedom, flexibility, and Friday bar 

In our department, you will be part of a professional, international, and educational environment with exciting tasks in monitoring and automation. We have a high professional level and a lot of freedom and flexibility in terms of location, working hours and tasks. Our department is characterized by high spirits and an informal atmosphere. We have weekly Friday bar, which helps to boost our team spirit.

AIOPS focusing on future technology

In AIOPS, we work with Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations. We handle tasks where standard automation is insufficient, requiring decisions based on mathematical algorithms – including Pretrained AI Models that have been trained from data based on human interaction and experience. 

Specialist knowledge, experience, and passion for AI

AIOPS comprises both Data Specialists and AI/Automation Programmers, all committed and passionate about their work. We believe in AI as the technology of the future as it allows to solve by pure automation unsolvable tasks. 

AIOPS employees are characterized by having specialist knowledge and experience in Python, Automation/API, Docker, Kubernetes, Azure DevOps, Linux and of course AI. 

Internal AI optimization in pipeline

We are a small team based at our locations in Prague in the Czech Republic and in Denmark. In near future we will be working closely with all departments in IT Relation, where we see real opportunities to improve their daily workflows using AI. We focus primarily on problems faced by Monitoring and Global Operations, but we also plan to explore the AI potential in other areas.

Solving problems through AI technologies – together 

In AIOPS, we are strong individuals with different areas of expertise, who together can discuss and solve all kinds of problems using AI technologies. We believe that a healthy working environment based on mutual respect, trust and teamwork fosters the right conditions to work efficiently and innovatively. In AIOPS, we keep up with the latest and hottest Cloud-based tech stacks. We are proud to contribute with a new and different perspective on problem-solving in IT Relation!

Backup & Patch – a team of dedicated specialists

We are a small team ensuring that Backup and Patch systems like SSCM and Spectrum Protect work as intended, and that our colleagues have the right tools and knowledge to use them. We do this through continuous updating of procedures, documentation, and training. Through reporting, we ensure that customers receive the necessary information about backup usage and patch compliance.

Specialists with passion and self-discipline

In Backup & Patch we are specialized in and passionate about our specific fields and we are proud of the work we deliver. We work very independently, which is why working in Backup & Patch requires a high degree of self-discipline, drive, and technical knowledge.

Cooperation is crucial

We cooperate with the entire Global Production to provide the customer with the best possible IT solutions for their business. Close cooperation is crucial, and we contribute with our knowledge and skills in Backup & Patch systems. Furthermore, we work closely with Global Operations on the day-to-day tasks related to our areas. We are a small team of six employees spread across the locations in Aarhus, Herning and Prague. There is great flexibility to work from home.

Immersion and fun 

We can offer immersion into and development in the specific competence areas of Backup or Patch. We are a team of professionals who enjoy both work discussions and informal conversations about, among other things, the gastronomic universe. We are professional and immersed in our work while always providing our services with a smile.

Global Operations – always available 

In Global Operations we work 24/7 as we are always available for our customers. We handle requests directly from either monitoring or from customers, ensuring a fast and professional response.

The most skilled generalists

We are committed to delivering high-quality services and solutions. It requires a proactive, solution-oriented, and persistent approach to tasks, which we certainly have. We are a large team of technical generalists with skills in virtually all server-related systems and applications. We work in a challenging and dynamic environment extensive responsibility for many servers, processes, and customers. For this reason, we need continuously help and dialogue with each other.

Agile workplace

We have a broad contact across the company, but we especially work together with the other departments in Global Production. We are an agile workplace where it is possible to work from all office locations as well as from home. Our 70 employees are located in Denmark, the Czech Republic and the Philippines.

Training and socializing

Providing ongoing certifications, sparring, and training is a priority for us, as we believe it contributes to making us the most skilled technicians in the market. We cannot get around the fact that we are a bunch of technical geeks, but we also socializing in an informal atmosphere of trust and engagement.

Network to optimize customer infrastructure

In Network, we are responsible for a wide range of areas, handling both remote and onsite tasks. We are divided into Network Implementation, Network Operations and Network Consulting. 

  • As a Network Engineer in Network Implementation, you will help designing and implementing large projects. This will typically be transition of new customers who need to have their infrastructure fully or partially migrated to our hosting center, or customers who need to have an interconnection of existing infrastructure to a cloud setup

  • Network Operations’ primary task is to ensure the ongoing maintenance and operation of customer systems – including patching, upgrading, and executing service requests on existing infrastructure. You will be dealing with both firewall, routing, switching, and Wi-Fi technologies on a daily basis from several different vendors. 
  • In Network Consulting, we handle tasks regarding changes in new functionality or extensions to existing infrastructure. Tasks range from replacing/upgrading equipment, troubleshooting, reviewing the customer’s infrastructure components and advising and sparring on new technologies.

Passion for network

We are specialists in different areas – but what we have in common is that we are thorough, ambitious, and technically skilled. Since we handle both remote and onsite tasks at the customer’s premises, it is also important to have good communication skills, as we need to find the best solution for the customer. We are a network department of more than 30 employees, all of whom are passionate about working with network!

Networking is essential for both our own and our customers’ business, which is why we have a large interface throughout IT Relation. In Network, we work closely together throughout the customer’s IT lifecycle. It is possible to work from all locations in Denmark and the Czech Republic.

Want to join our journey? 

Our team is characterized by teamwork and a focus on professional sparring. We are on a journey of development and growth, with a focus on establishing a more automated, structured, and standardized network. We are all involved in determining the strategic decisions and changes that will shape the future of the department.

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