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Are you interested in development, automation, and IT security? Do you want to invest in your career by upskilling and staying up to date on new technologies and trends? In Global Production, we work systematically with competence development!

Innovative and meticulous

Global Production has more than 220 dedicated employees who work to strengthen our customers’ business using the latest technology in areas such as troubleshooting, IT security, monitoring, and automation. If you are geeky, innovative, and meticulous about your work, you will feel right at home in Global Production.

Professional development, flexibility, and team spirit

We are a team of talented specialists who solve complex challenges every day. Joining us means becoming part of an international and educational environment, where knowledge sharing, teamwork, freedom, and flexibility are at the core. Providing ongoing certifications, sparring, and training is a priority for us, as we believe it contributes to making us the most skilled technicians in the market.

Even though things can get fast-paced, we make an active effort to ensure that our employees are happy to go to work every day by giving them time and space for immersion, development, social gatherings, and, not least, plenty of professional challenges.

Below, you can read more about what the departments in Global Production say about their work.

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We monitor, assess, and respond to our customers’ IT security threats and incidents. We act as both Security Operation Center (SOC) and Managed Detection Response (MDR). Through our services such as Baseline Security, SIEM and Vulnerability Management, we monitor the daily level of threats to help our customers and secure our internal IT environment.

We keep up with the latest trends

Effective IT security is crucial for both our customers' and our own business. Security is an area constantly evolving, which makes it incredibly exciting and educational to work with! In Cyber Defence Center, we have the desire and ability to keep up with the fast-paced development. With us, you will therefore experience continuous learning and plenty of opportunities for certifications in the field. We are all passionate about security and are geeky, curious, and structured in our approach to tasks and challenges.

We handle a variety of tasks related to the operation and maintenance of virtual platforms, telephony, user management, preparation, automation, and especially client management. To ensure a modern workplace for our customers, we utilize several products and technologies such as Ivanti, Capa, SCCM, Microsoft Endpoint Manager, Flexfone, Citrix, Remote Desktop Services, Azure Virtual Desktop, SMS Passcode, VMare Horizon, and more. We operate under a domain of excellence called WorkplaceHub, with a focus on providing productive solutions for our customers' workplaces.

Time for “break” 

As a team, the best way to succeed is to be positive, helpful, service-minded and a team player with a solution-oriented approach to our tasks. We respect each other’s differences, both in terms of competencies and as people, which is reflected in a high level of employee satisfaction. We regularly organize social gatherings during working hours, where selected employees are responsible for entertaining their colleagues. We consider it a "break" that ensures renewed energy and enjoyable moments among colleagues.

We have deep technical knowledge in various areas, including SQL, Microsoft 365, Exchange, Oracle, Azure/AWS, Linux, and Kubernetes. Everyone is passionate, analytical, and willing to go the extra mile when needed. We believe that a high level of professionalism, daily sparring, and happy colleagues create the best conditions for working independently and act proactively instead of reactively.

Complexity and automation

Our focus is on automating tasks and enabling level 1 and level 2 support to handle more complicated issues by creating work instructions and guidelines for them. Typically, we handle level 3 support and more complex tasks. We work with troubleshooting, automation of job functions, Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and development of monitoring metrics and new services for our customers. Furthermore, we are often involved in the design and implementation phase of larger and more complex solutions.

We comprise four specialized teams: Backup & Patch, Monitoring, Event Management, and AIOPS.

Backup & Patch - efficient system maintenance

We ensure that Backup and Patch systems like SSCM and Spectrum Protect work as intended, and that our colleagues have the right tools and knowledge to use them. We do this through continuous updating of procedures, documentation, training, and the development of support tools.

Effective solution in Monitoring 

We handle the operation, configuration, and development of monitoring platforms and customized dashboards to strengthen the customer’s business through IT. We have several recognized monitoring platforms, including SCOM, LogicMonitor, SolarWinds, and Checkmk. According to the customer’s requirements and needs, we develop specialized monitoring in PowerShell and Python. We share the same passion for monitoring and believe that it is a tool that provides unique insights and increases customer productivity. With us, there is space to be geeky about your work.

Event Management - effective alarm handling with ICU

ICU serves as our event management platform, enabling the display of alarms from our monitoring platforms in a unified window. These alarms are enriched with information from our CMDB and can be easily escalated to our ITSM system. ICU is a specially developed platform that continuously evolves to support our Event Management Team.

AIOPS focusing on future technology 

We work with Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations. We handle tasks where standard automation is insufficient, requiring decisions based on mathematical algorithms. Additionally, we delve into all production-related reporting through big data analysis, creating innovative reports for colleagues and customers. We keep up with the latest and hottest Cloud-based tech stacks and contribute with a new and different perspective on problem-solving in IT Relation!

We are responsible for a wide range of areas, handling both remote and onsite tasks. We are divided into Network Implementation, Network Operations and Network Consulting. 

As a Network Engineer in Network Implementation, you will help designing and implementing large projects. This will typically be transition of new customers who need to have their infrastructure fully or partially migrated to our hosting center, or customers who need to have an interconnection of existing infrastructure to a cloud setup.

Network Operations’ primary task is to ensure the ongoing maintenance and operation of customer systems – including patching, upgrading, and executing service requests on existing infrastructure. You will be dealing with both firewall, routing, switching, and Wi-Fi technologies on a daily basis from several different vendors. 

In Network Consulting, we handle tasks regarding changes in new functionality or extensions to existing infrastructure. Tasks range from replacing/upgrading equipment, troubleshooting, reviewing the customer’s infrastructure components and advising and sparring on new technologies.

We are a 24/7 department, always available for our customers. Customers are guaranteed a fast and professional response, and we promptly resolve the vast majority of tasks. We handle technical tasks across platforms and domains and are responsible for monitoring and patching our server infrastructure.

We are committed to delivering high-quality services and solutions. It requires a proactive, solution-oriented, and persistent approach to tasks, which we certainly have. We are a large team of technical generalists with skills in virtually all server-related systems and applications. We work in a challenging and dynamic environment extensive responsibility for many servers, processes, and customers. For this reason, we need continuously help and dialogue with each other.

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