Are you service-minded and trustworthy in your interaction with customers and colleagues? Are you curious to find the best possible solution to meet the customers’ needs through our many services? In Market, you will be an important part of full IT lifecycle of our customers!

In Market, more than 70 dedicated and experienced employees work in the departments Solutions, Managed Services Sales, Product Sales, Bid Management, and Service Delivery Management. The employees are keen to support, service and advise our customers. They are all specialized in different areas, but they all have one thing in common: the customer is always at the center.

Through the good and inquisitive dialogue, they strengthen both old and new relations, helping to improve the customer’s business through IT.

Below, each department tells us more about their tasks, competencies, culture, and development opportunities.

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Solutions – more than just solutions

Solutions comprises three teams working closely together to identify, compose and advise customers about solutions. These teams are Cloud Solution Architects (CSA), Solution Specialists (SS) and Service Product Management (SPM).

  • In CSA, we assist the respective sales teams in packaging the right solutions for customers. We have an active role directly towards the customers and possess a broad knowledge covering hosting, cloud, security, user support, networking, etc. 
  • In SS, we are specialists in the domains of security/GRC, licensing, networking, trusted advisor, and Office 365 productivity. We work with concepts and services development. Furthermore, we participate in customer dialogues where specialized knowledge is required. 
  • In SPM, we work with service development and are responsible for ensuring that the service catalogue is always updated and relevant. We provide project management in line with the agreed process and follow up with Service Owners across the organization.

We have specialized knowledge and the ability to disseminate

In Solutions we have a broad technical and IT strategic knowledge. It is important to be able to communicate technical knowledge to our customers in a competent and commercial way. As an employee in Solutions, we expect you to be structured, trustworthy and energetic in your contact with customers. We are keen to improve our skills in our area of expertise. However, we know where to ask for help in the organization for things that are outside our scope.
We work with all departments in IT Relation. We are currently 20 employees working from all locations in Denmark. Soon, it will also be possible to work from our offices in Prague and the Philippines.

Cooperation, team spirit and freedom

We have an extremely good and strong culture in Solutions, which we cherish. As a new employee, you will be part of a team with a high degree of cooperation, team spirit and freedom under responsibility. We have an informal and flat organizational structure characterized by mutual respect. Working with us, you will have an exciting sales-driven job with lots of customer contact, and you will have a lot of influence on your workday.

Managed Services Sales with focus on relations

Managed Services Sales comprises three teams: SMB Sales, Enterprise Sales, and New Business:

  • In SMB Sales, we have overall and commercial responsibility for our small and medium-sized customers. Together with the customer, our task is to ensure that we continuously support and develop the customer’s business. 
  • In Enterprise Sales, we ensure that our large customers are satisfied being our customers. We do this through proactive consulting, agile handling of new assignments and, of course, by ensuring that our customers receive the services they have ordered.
  • In New Business, our priority is to create new business for IT Relation. We are responsible for creating market awareness of the services offered by IT Relation and itm8. We align our services with the challenges the customer is facing.

Building customer relations based on understanding and trust

People working together power the business. It is essential that you are patient and able to put yourself in the customer’s shoes to understand the business you want to help. In-depth understanding and relations build on trust enable us to understand the customer’s potential challenges and find a solution that strengthens the customer’s business. Furthermore, it is important for us to work focused and determined in achieving the established sales goals as well as to be persistent and curious throughout the sales process.

We work closely with all departments in IT Relation, as solutions and questions from customers vary widely. Furthermore, there is a close cooperation with our colleagues in itm8, as the solutions to be offered to customers may extend beyond IT Relation’s product catalogue. We are 16 employees in the department working from our offices in Aarhus, Herning, and Copenhagen.

Strong together

You will find that we are fast-paced and responsive. Things are rapidly changing, as our industry is highly competitive, so we must always be ready to adapt to stay at the forefront. Nobody knows everything, which is why we have a very open and straightforward culture, where we stand shoulder to shoulder and help each other. At the same time, we have a very strong winning culture, which has led us to achieve great results – together!

We embrace diversity

We are an inspiring and highly competent team, offering the opportunity to develop and build a solid foundation for many future positions. The employees in the department are all different and come from different backgrounds, which is why we make a virtue of acknowledging and using each other’s competencies. As well as being a strength for the team, we also believe it’s a strength in our customer relations, and we always have the right person for the customer. 

Product Sales – full transparency for the customer

In Product Sales we support, service and advise our customers on all IT equipment – large and small. We offer our existing and future customers full transparency to ensure that they always have the basis for choosing the right equipment, at the right price, at the right time.

IT nerds and high-level communicators 

As a Key Account Manager and Inside Sales Consultant, you should be comfortable talking to customers, suppliers and, of course, your colleagues. Dialogue always fosters understanding and thus creates the best possible foundation for both happy customers and employees. We always strive to be at the forefront of any given situation, ensuring that we never leave our customers frustrated. You should be somewhat of an IT nerd as we need to be able to advise our customers on all our products. 

Seeing opportunities – together

We have our eyes firmly fixed on opportunities – not only for our own department, but also for all other departments and itm8 subsidiaries. We believe we are stronger together. Today, Product Sales’ 13 employees are located at our sites in Herning, Aarhus and Copenhagen.

Moving fast in an informal atmosphere

There is always time for a laugh and informal conversations. We move at a fast pace, but never lose sight of the well-being of our employees. We operate in a dynamic work environment, and the variety in our tasks creates a stimulating work environment where we can thrive and be the best versions of ourselves. 

New employees will be introduced to an exciting and tailored onboarding program and assigned a buddy. It is essential to us that you as a new colleague feel welcome, so we can empower you to make a difference from day one.

Bid Management – big customers, big responsibility

Our Bid Management Team coordinates all major contract awards and public tenders with our Enterprise customers.

Our Enterprise customers show us great trust by placing their business-critical IT operations in our hands. For this reason, working in Bid Management requires a high degree of responsibility and a broad technical knowledge. Furthermore, we need to be great ambassadors for both the customer and IT Relation.

We work closely with almost all departments, as all deliveries, new quotes and commercial and legal issues go through us. In the department, we are four employees, mainly working from our location in Aarhus and Copenhagen, but it is possible to work from all our locations.

Humour and sparring

Working in Bid Management, you will quickly notice that we have an open and informal approach and are good at helping and consulting with each other for the benefit of our customers. We should add that we have a sweet tooth in the department.

Service Delivery Management nurtures the customer-colleague relation

We are the customer’s point of contact in IT Relation and together with the rest of the organization, we ensure that the customer receives what they have ordered. We are the customer’s tactical sparring partner and are in continuous dialogue with them to keep their IT infrastructure up to date.

Going the extra mile for customers

As a Service Delivery Manager, you must have strong communication skills, technical understanding, and the ability to make independent decisions as you are ensuring the stability of customer’s operations and high-quality deliverables. We always go the extra mile to support our customers.

Cross department collaboration

We work closely across departments – especially Market, as we need to offer customers the most recent services. We also work closely with the technical departments, as they have a key role in delivering the agreed services to our customers. Our employees work from our locations in Aarhus, Herning, Copenhagen and Prague.

Diversity, experience, and development

We are a great mix of different profiles that complement each other in different situations and for different tasks. We benefit from each other’s experience – both personal and professional.
You will have close customer contact, and as a representative of our services, you will have the opportunity to develop their IT infrastructure. With us, you will enter a dynamic environment with plenty of exciting and challenging tasks.

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