Are you service-minded and trustworthy in your interaction with customers and colleagues? Are you curious to find the best possible solution to meet the customers’ needs through our many services? In Market, you become an important part of the entire IT lifecycle of our customers!

Closer to Customers

In Market, we are more than 75 dedicated employees specialized in different areas, but we all have one thing in common: the customer is always at the center. Through in-depth and curious dialogues, we strengthen our existing and new relations, helping to improve the customer's business through IT.

Strong together

The fast-paced and competitive nature of our industry requires us to be extremely adaptable. Transparency and honesty are at the core of our culture, and we work closely together and support each other, recognizing that our collaborative efforts are crucial to succeed. Our winning culture is strong, and our team spirit is hard to match, which has enabled us to achieve impressive results – together!

Embracing diversity

We offer the opportunity to develop and build a solid foundation for many future positions. The employees in the department are all different and come from different backgrounds, which is why we make a virtue of acknowledging and using each other’s competencies. As well as being a strength for the team, we also believe it’s a strength in our customer relations, and we always have the right person for the customer. 

Below, you can read more about what the departments in Market say about their work. 

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We assist our sales teams in packaging the right solutions for our customers. With our broad knowledge covering hosting, cloud, security, user support, networks, etc., we play an active role in ensuring that our customers receive the most optimal solutions for their needs.

We work with service development and are responsible for ensuring that the service catalog is always updated and relevant. We provide project management in line with the agreed process and follow up with "Service Owners" across the entire organization.

As specialists in security/GRC, licenses, networks, "trusted advisor", and Office 365 productivity, our task is to develop concepts and services and participate in customer dialogues that require specialist knowledge. We communicate technical and IT strategic knowledge to our clients in a competent and commercial way while demonstrating positive energy during interactions with them.

We have the overall and commercial responsibility for our large and medium-sized customers and together with the customer we ensure continuous support and development of the customer's business. Through proactive advice and agile handling of new tasks, we ensure that customers are receive the services they have ordered in a satisfactory manner.

Our primary task is to create new logos and businesses for IT Relation. Our energetic and skilled sales team are experts in understanding the customer's unique needs and challenges, thereby creating customized solutions across IT Relation's and itm8's services. We are dedicated to building long-term and trusting relations with our customers and helping them achieve their business goals.

Our team of technically skilled and sales-oriented employees focuses on supporting our smaller customers and delivering day-to-day services super-agile and fast. We work closely with our customers and use our competencies to help them reach their goals and optimize their business through IT.

We support, service, and advise our customers on all IT equipment – large and small.  We offer our customers full transparency to ensure that they always have the basis for choosing the right equipment, at the right price, at the right time. With us, you should be comfortable talking to customers, suppliers, and not least your colleagues. Dialogue always fosters understanding and thus creates the best possible foundation for having happy customers and employees.

We coordinate all major contract agreements and public tenders with our Enterprise customers. Our task is to ensure that we understand the customer's needs and present our solutions in a way that adds value for them. Our ultimate goal is to win contracts while building long-term relations with our customers.

We are the customer’s point of contact in IT Relation and together with the rest of the organization, we ensure that the customer receives what they have ordered. We are the customer’s tactical sparring partner and are in continuous dialogue with them to keep their IT infrastructure up to date. As an SDM, you must have strong communicative competencies, technical understanding, and the ability to make independent decisions as you are ensuring the stability of customer’s operations and high-quality deliverables.

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