Service Management

Do you want a varied working day, where you will have the daily responsibility for providing high-level services to your colleagues and customers? Are you interested in increasing revenue, growth, and profitability? In Service Management we solve critical challenges!

Service Management comprises the departments Asset & Configuration, Situation Management, Problem Management, and Change Management, which work closely together to prevent and resolve business-critical incidents.

Below, they tell us more about their tasks, competencies, culture, and development opportunities.

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Our teams

  • Situation Management manages business-critical incidents where customers’ IT services are unavailable. In order to resolve an outage as quickly as possible, the team ensures the right resources are assigned to the outage. Furthermore, they ensure continuous reporting on the status of the outage to both customers and internally in IT Relation.
  • Problem Management is our detectives who investigate the reasons why incidents occur and make sure they are prevented from occurring again. They can initiate an investigation both for single critical incidents, but also for many similar less critical incidents.
  • Change Management is our gatekeeper. They ensure that the infrastructural changes are planned to prevent errors during implementation. They work closely with our technicians and the customer on planning, building, and executing changes. Proper planning is something that can help create greater availability in systems and services.
  • Asset & Configuration ensures an updated CMDB and high data quality. It is extremely important that we have control over our base of thousands of assets and CIs as well as the relations between them. This provides control and visibility in many situations. There is close collaboration with Service Processes, as the team relies heavily on keeping track of assets/CIs and their relations.

Shared vision and versatile competencies

In Service Management, we have two key priorities: our customers and our colleagues. In addition to our customer focus, we focus on helping internally in IT Relation, enabling all departments to work together across the business to solve problems for customers. Both priorities rely on our ability to understand both the customer and the colleague perspective and to create a good and respectful relation.

We have leadership skills, vision, and drive, and are aware that working closely with a diverse group of people is the key to achieving a common goal. Having a vision and putting together a good team are among the factors that help predict success.

Close to all departments

Our work brings us close to all departments, as most projects include our delivery, sales, and finance as well as support units. The task at hand and the team composition determines the interactions. Our employees are currently based in Aarhus, Herning, Copenhagen, and Prague, but we can work from any location.

Combination of experienced operators and new ideas

We are a small team working on a broad range of initiatives. Our complementary skills and experiences make us experienced operators with new ideas, models, and methods. This combination gives us a pragmatic approach where pace, decision-making, quality, and progress are key. We are direct in our communication, we support each other, and we strive to continually develop and challenge ourselves.

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