From strong entrepreneurial company to international fast-expanding organization

Our journey began in 2003, when IT Relation was established as a small entrepreneurial company in Herning. With a clear strategy of outsourcing IT services to mid-sized companies, we hit the ground running. 

Since 2003, our organization has evolved significantly. Especially in 2016, the growth journey really started to take off. Today we are a large international company, employing at the time of writing more than 750 people in five offices in Denmark, one in Prague and one in the Philippines.

We are the frontrunner in our business area. Today, IT Relation is a leading Danish provider of IT outsourcing services to the private and public sectors.

But the journey never ends! We will continue to invest, expand, and strengthen our organization.

A map of Denmark showing IT Relations' five Danish offices. There is also an office in the Philippines and one in the Czech Republic.

Closer to Colleagues

We believe that strong and close relations in a high-quality workplace are what form the basis of good solutions to challenges.

We want colleagues who enjoy going to work. People who by default believe that work should be fun, and that making a difference is fulfilling. For customers, for colleagues and for themselves.

Solving problems TOGETHER

‘No Problem’ is the basis of our cultural creed and one that all our colleagues focus on. From client managers, through solutions architects to our helpful supporters. 

It combines a unique culture of execution with an extraordinary ability to develop IT solutions and solve IT tasks.

No Problem. Two small words that say a lot about who we are. We help our customers – and not least each other. Seeing solutions rather than problems as well as working together towards a common goal, improves our work and makes business life more enjoyable.

Three happy and smiling colleagues with close relationships to each other are walking down a staircase.

Job satisfaction and employee benefits

At IT Relation, we focus on strengthening social cohesion within the company. We have an active staff association, which organizes various company events every year – both in-house and off-site. These range from concerts and sports events to themed parties and Christmas parties.

As a company, we care about the well-being and health of our employees. Every year, we participate in various events such as Biking to Work and the DHL Relay.

Our health policy is reflected in the canteen services we offer our employees. We have our own kitchen staff serving delicious and healthy dishes every day – both for breakfast and lunch. Furthermore, we offer a range of other employee benefits, such as massage, free telephony, working clothes and a favorable pension scheme and health insurance.

We frequently top up with new knowledge and training, and we give our employees the opportunity to specialize in different areas, either through certifications or continuing education. It is important that we are constantly evolving and keep up with the latest trends and technologies #AlwaysImproving. 

Job satisfaction is high on the agenda. If our employees are not happy and satisfied, they will not perform to their best ability. Happiness and performance undeniably go hand in hand, so we’re constantly working to help support our employees’ well-being.

Working remotely is of great importance. Therefore, we prioritize a high degree of flexibility in our work. We focus on creating the conditions for a modern working life with a greater degree of freedom. Some people thrive when they are physically at work and others with a combination of physical presence and working from home. We believe that a hybrid solution is the way forward.

Part of a large family 

Just as we wish to create close relations with customers and partners, we also benefit from strong family backing. 

IT Relation is part of the itm8 family of 12 IT brands working together across the business to offer customers a full range of IT solutions. Together, itm8 comprises more than 1,700 employees in Mentor IT, Sotea, Improsec, Miracle 42, Emineo, Copenhagen Software, Me’ning, Progressive, Cloud Teams, AddPro, and Cenvation. And this family is ever expanding, as we identify companies with whom there is a good chance of cultivating relations. 

Meet the itm8 family

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