It takes great Insight to formulate the right cloud strategy

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Cloud solutions can be the fast track to growing a business, enhancing efficiency and reaching new markets. But not all solutions are suited to the cloud. Certainly not the same cloud. 

It takes an in-depth understanding of business, as well as technical insight to select the platforms that will revitalise old processes, create a closer link to customers and move the business forward.

Digital transformation happens in the cloud

Having an Azure strategy is like being in possession of the sort of strategy a supermarket chain operates. In the end, it's about identifying the place where you purchase some of the services you need. The question is, what kind of task do you want to succeed in? 

Global clouds are attractive because the time-to-market is short and it’s here that the latest services can be found – and here that you will find the greatest potential for transforming the business.

If you intend to make efficiency savings, achieve more with the same resources and speed up business processes, IT should not be at full stretch. IT should be flexible enough to pave the way. Allow us to map your optimal cloud options, so that the new services get to work on your digital rebirth, rather than delaying it.

Are you enjoying all the advantages of the cloud – or do you just think you are?

It can be harder than you'd expect to obtain, operate and optimise the solutions in Azure, AWS and the Google cloud. You can quickly lose sight of usage; and the sheer amount of account information can be difficult to comprehend. Not to speak of preparing mandatory patches for global clouds.

In IT Relation, you will have a partner who will administer your cloud capacity so that it matches your business needs. We will also take care of the necessary updates and changes, to ensure that all solutions meet your requirements for security and stability.

Our best-in-class operating concept – based on 30 years’ experience with data centres and private cloud management – takes into account all your preferred clouds and cloud solutions.

Move the business onwards with the cloud

Scale up – and down

The cloud comes with in-built scalability. Go from 10 to 1,000 users in just a few minutes – when it matters to your business.

Always updated

Avoid the worry of focussing on updates and upgrades. If you choose the right services for the right tasks, you will be enhancing efficiency.

It happens first in the cloud

New and innovative services first appear in the cloud. If you want to overtake the competition and draw on new options, it is here that you will find inspiration and specific solutions.

Security is robust

The largest cloud platforms are probably better certified and more securely protected that your own data centre.

Go global

If your business moves beyond frontiers, the cloud can move with it. Have services delivered close to users – irrespective of where they are.

Permanently faster

Avoid waiting for hardware and longer-term upgrading projects. The cloud often requires just a single click in order to accelerate.

Compliance requirements don't disappear in the cloud

The cloud also needs to be monitored

Compliance requirements that apply to your dedicated and private cloud solutions are equally relevant to your dealings on the public cloud. You must therefore be aware of legislation such as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation and how it applies to your enterprise, as well as how you must fulfil its requirements.

This means that you are obliged to monitor, log, document and perform risk-analysis to be effective in your cloud solutions.

AI and IoT push the boundaries of the status quo

When you begin to exploit cloud solutions, it puts you and the rules you have established concerning a business unit’s permitted applications under pressure. How to deliver value to your customers? By perhaps taking measures to develop new governance, to ensure that the cloud makes a difference.

When you have to place data in a data warehouse, you must be certain: first, that the platform can handle your data and second, that you are protecting the data in compliance with valid regulations. Here, we can be of assistance.

We are already conversant with the requirements

We have already identified the central areas and best practices that your IT infrastructure must square up to. Thus, we can also help you to implement and operate cloud solutions that live up to both external requirements and your internal objectives.

Are you complying with requirements?

The hybrid cloud is not a future thing – it's here

The hybrid cloud is a holistic approach to finding the right cloud platform for a specific business task. No two clouds are the same and the best way to release potential is to combine them.

The hybrid cloud allows you to combine the exact platforms that are best suited to your business. This way, you avoid having to relax requirements for security, adjustment, SLA and accessibility on systems – areas where there is no leeway for compromise. 

At the same time, you can move swiftly to adopt standard solutions when they fit your strategy. You should therefore choose a partner who can give you any or all platforms, rather than one who is bound to a single platform.

DevOps and containers make you more agile

Agile development and container platforms are closely related. We know that businesses are continually striving to add value for customers and users by providing new services and more functions. DevOps is the key to keeping a focus on users and delivering improvements on a regular basis.

The orchestration of containers has a tendency to rapidly become complex and demanding in terms of time. This diverts time away from the field of expansion. Using Kubernetes as a Service, we combine an efficient container platform and DevOps access to the cooperation with your specialists. 

You take care of developing important applications. We take care of operating the platform and ensuring sufficient room, patches, monitoring, back-up, security and everything else.

Let's discuss the best cloud solution for you

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