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IT equipment for your company

Get the right hardware and software solutions for your company

Save your company from purchasing items by mistake

Are you unsure about what is best for your company? What type of software does your business need? What hardware to choose? If you ask us, you will always get an honest answer. We love to geek out with IT equipment and we are at the cutting edge of the software and hardware development. If you need help with implementing and using the systems, we will help you. It can save you from purchasing items by mistake and many hours of IT setup.

IT equipment matching your business

Our approach to IT equipment is always business first. We consider your IT equipment from a business perspective and look at what provides the most value for your particular business. Consequently, we will not necessarily recommend the latest version if it turns out that the costs exceed the business value.

IT equipment as a service

More and more companies are buying into the concept: "IT equipment as-a-service". The advantage of the concept is that you can often achieve significant savings by renting IT equipment rather than owning it.

HaaS (Hardware as-a-Service)

HaaS is a hardware solution where we handle all your company's hardware, including the registration, financing and Asset Management. You pay regular monthly payments where the advantage is that the utility value and the saving follow the cost.
More about HaaS

WaaS (Workspace as a Service)

WaaS is a complete end-to-end solution where we equip your business with the necessary devices and all other IT equipment. You simply pay a monthly fee, and then we will take care of everything else.
More about WaaS 

A webshop matching your IT infrastructure

You have access to an IT webshop where the products are customised to our customers' needs. Here you will find quality products carefully selected in close collaboration with some of the industry's strongest suppliers. Our reason for existing is to meet our customers' purchasing strategy and IT infrastructure.

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All the software and hardware you need

You can buy all your everyday business IT products in our webshop and even get advice and lessons included in the purchase. We assist in bith complex issues related to your company's infrastructure and license management and scalable solutions. We offer a wide selection of products in collaboration with a number of leading manufacturers of IT equipment.


  • check Servers
  • check PC, Laptops and Tablets
  • check Monitors
  • check Printers and supplies
  • check Network equipment
  • check Mobile phones and headsets
  • check Televisions
  • check Digital Cameras


  • check We offer software products from reputable suppliers
  • check We (often) advise on complicated guidelines set by software vendors re licenses
  • check We are certified by Microsoft, Adobe and others

Financing of IT equipment

Are you finding it difficult to constantly keeping your hardware and software solutions updated? You may loose your competitiveness if you do not keep up with development. Conversely, it can be expensive if your company needs to tie up capital in new IT equipment every time new solutions pop up. Therefore, we offer you a number of advantageous financing solutions - including hiring your IT equipment through a leasing company.

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