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Connect IT and the business strategy

Are your company's ambitions part of your IT setup? It could be taken for granted. In our experience, many companies have a unfulfilled potential because their IT setup ties their hands and feet. Therefore, we are not only specialists in technology  – but also in business. We always take your business into account before developing a hosted solution. It has an impact on your bottom line.

Nicolai Dam Hansen

Sales Manager

Nicolai Dam Hansen

Agile and scalable hosting

Do you find that your IT setup restricts you from developing new business initiatives? When we host your IT, you get freedom, flexibility and agility to regain your company's potential. We can always scale your hosting solution up and down as required - whether you need more server space or fewer system licenses. For us, it is about being able to act on your changing business needs.

IT security as it should be

Is your company's digital vulnerability an important item on your agenda? If you leave your company's IT setup with us, we guarantee you a high level of security. We are approved by the BFIH association to use the Hosting mark, and are ISAE 3402-certified to handle the demanding requirements for data security. We always develop a secure hosting solution that is based on what is critical for your business.

This is indispensable when it comes to hosting. With us

Constantly updated IT infrastructure

Do you often get emails from your employees complaining about outdated IT equipment? If you choose us as a hosting provider, we will update your IT setup continuously. We ensure that you and your employees always have the latest systems and maintained technology. You also get the benefit of our business-oriented approach to IT. This means that we will never recommend new technology if it will not add value to your business.

Stability and optimal uptime

Do your IT department spend time ensuring that your IT setup is running optimally? With a hosted solution, you get stability and guaranteed optimal uptime. If an unexpected accident occurs, we have an effective contingency plan to ensure that you recover quickly. Our Service Desk can also help 24/7 with support, including Microsoft applications, hardware and user administration. It releases time for your IT department.

What hosting solution should you choose?

Shared or dedicated? Physical server or virtual data centre? Cloud hosting or hybrid cloud? The answer depends on your company's business needs. Therefore, we start by identifying requirements for data control, flexibility, scalability, accessible and reliability. So that we can always provide the most valuable solution.

More about Cloud Hosting

More about Shared and Dedicated Hosting

Hosting of all or part of your IT setup

You can start small and upgrade your hosting solution later. Or you can start by letting us host it all. We always adapt to your business needs - and are happy to take one step at a time.

Hosting for Microsoft Exchange

Do you and your employees want constant access to the office? Hosted Exchange is the answer. You get quick and easy access to mail, calendars and other relevant information, no matter where you are. You are independent of your work computer, so you can share information and knowledge with colleagues and customers from any computer or from your mobile phone.


Save the cost of a dedicated SQL server, and let us host your database. Your company's business-critical information and data are stored on our lightning-fast servers which are kept under surveillance day and night. It not only provides far greater security, but also increases efficiency and lowers operating costs.

Hosting SharePoint

Would you like to streamline file sharing and collaboration across the enterprise? Then we recommend hosting of SharePoint. We are convinced that the ease of use and seamless sharing can save you a lot of resources. And our skilled SharePoint specialists can assist you in getting the most out of the platform.

Hosting of ERP

A hosted ERP solution allows you to rent your financial system, where you pay a fixed price per user per month - and of course you only pay for the number of users who have access to the accounting system. You can rent a license for the following systems on a monthly basis: MS Dynamics C5, MS Dynamics NAV and MS Dynamics AX.

Hosting CRM

Would you like to increase sales and strengthen your relationship with the company’s customers and business partners? Hosted CRM is a tool for your sales and customer service organisation that can bring you closer to your customers and improve your opportunities to strengthen customer care and boost sales.

Hosting of applications

With us, you have the potential for hosting (almost) all applications. And we offer a great range of operational applications that you can either rent or purchase in connection with outsourcing or hosting.

Hosted Hyper V

Hosted Hyper-V ensures that your IT is always adaptable relative to the company's development. Hyper-V makes it easy to create and manage virtual servers. You get solutions to a number of core products within virtual servers, such as a dynamic data centre and virtual desktop and infrastructure.

Hosted VMware

Are you looking for a scalable and reliable visualisation platform? Then hosted VMware is the answer. With hosted VMware, you get a platform that allows you to run, manage, connect and secure applications across clouds and devices in a common operating environment. It gives you more freedom and control.

Hosting of CAD - 2D and 3D

Get total freedom with 2D and 3D CAD hosting - and achieve operating costs that are significantly lower by leaving the program execution, updates and installing new jobs to us. With the same smooth and superior user experience as when your own company operated the demanding applications.

Hosting of Skype for Business 

With hosting of Skype for Business, you get messages, meetings and screen sharing - all in one app that is easy to use and will work with Office. You can do anything from seeing if your contacts are online to scheduling meetings in Outlook and starting conversations from Office apps.

Hosting that supports your business

When you talk about IT hosting with us, it is not just about letting us take care of your business-critical data and IT systems. It is also about how we can help you continually develop your IT setup. So your business is always agile and can respond to new business needs.

Certified hosting

We are certified to use the Hosting mark. It is your guarantee that there is order in the server space, and control over the processes.


Access to IT support. 24 hours a day. Every day. All year round. We always answer the phone when you call.

We will also be around next year

Looking for a hosting provider who will be here tomorrow? Since 1990, we have provided hosted solutions that you can count on.









Part of the good company

You do not get certifications automatically. You have to qualify for them. Year after year. This is why we work hard every day. So that you are guaranteed solutions that always meet strict quality and safety requirements. More about our certifications

There is great value in not having to spend time waiting to get IT help. And that IT problems therefore do not have an impact on the efficiency of the company.

— Peter Maltha, Customer and Facility Manager at Hillerød Forsyning

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Some questions we have heard before

How do you ensure that the level of safety is appropriate for our data?

We are subject to stringent requirements for IT security. And we are audited regularly to ensure that we comply with these  – notably ISAE3402-the Audit report. To secure against error and security vulnerability, we document all guidelines concerning the daily operation procedures. We are also at the forefront of the latest and best security solutions in the market. And we always consider the solutions that will protect your business in the most optimum way.

How easy is it to upgrade our solution?

All our solutions are built to be scalable. This means that all of your services (both licenses and technical resources) can be quickly adjusted. We take care of the practical upgrade once the task is defined. This makes it easy for you to change to new products, new technologies and new markets with minimal costs.

What are your procedures for backing up and in case of breakdowns?

We have staff in our support and operations centre 24 hours a day. All year round. We have certified procedures to ensure that all backup routines are monitored and repaired in case of an error. This ensures valid, error-free data storage. In addition, we have detailed contingency plans that can be initiated immediately by irregularities or breakdowns.

Who is responsible if the hosting solution does not work with our other systems?

We are your operational partner and are responsible for the hosted platform. Our work includes among other things optimising the environment and coordinating with third parties in order to ensure efficient and stable operation. Through large-scale economies and longstanding experience, we can ensure the functionality of the applications and our ability to find effective solutions to challenges.

Are you considering a hosted solution?

Let us talk about how we can develop an IT setup that supports your business.

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