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Dedicated and Shared Hosting

Do you spend too many resources on keeping the company’s servers going? Do you spend sleepless nights worrying about breakdowns?

Then you might have to consider calling Everyday IT Superheroes. We can offer you a hosting solution where your data and IT systems are always kept in a secure environment. Not only can it save you worrying, but it can also save your business time and money.

Scalable and top security solution

We use your business’s size and needs as a point of departure. And draw up an individual solution that is scalable and is continuously adaptable. Our hosting services are provided from our modern high-security Hosting Center.

The Hosting Center meets all the industry standards and is audited annually to the ISAE3402 Type 2 standard, and among other things is safeguarded by:

  • Access control
  • Video surveillance
  • Temperature monitoring, water and moisture detectors
  • Fire, smoke and gas detectors
  • Fire extinguishers with Inergen
  • Full redundancy in cooling, power, internet lines and firewalls

Get the solution that fits your needs

You have the choice of both hosted and virtual servers. Whichever option your business needs, we ensure an optimal server relationship, so that the business data and IT systems are always in a high-security environment.

Server hosting

We provide space for the company's own servers in our Hosting Center.

  • Avoid having to create or expand your own server facilities
  • We can operate and maintain housed servers

Shared Hosting

We provide dedicated virtual servers on a shared hardware platform.

  • Full virtual environments or individual servers
  • High security via built-in fail-over and overcapacity
  • A common hardware platform enables low costs per server
  • Possibility of purchasing extra capacity either permanently or for a limited period of time 
  • Fully scalable

Dedicated Hosting

We provide servers on dedicated hardware.

  • Individually designed and customised hardware platform
  • Complete environments or individual servers
  • High security through redundancy and fail-over
  • Possibility of purchasing additional capacity from the shared environment


We provide software services from a common software platform.

  • Standalone services without customer-dedicated servers
  • Hosted Exchange, Exchange without a dedicated server
  • Hosted domain, users in the domain without their own domain server
  • Hosted C5, finance and accounting without own server

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