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Baseline Security

IT security does not have to be complicated

Baseline Security is an IT security solution that covers your business basic IT security - once and for all.

What is Baseline Security?

Baseline Security is a range of security services to your company that is based on international security recomendations (CIS Controls v7.x). The service consists of recommendations, implementation, 24/7 readiness and reporting.

With Baseline Security you obtain both central and decentral protection in your IT landscape, within the following fields:




End user units 

PC and mobile


Documents and files


Servers and network

A prerequisite for Baseline Security

Baseline Security builds on 3. part software - the products are not a part of the delivery, but they can be purchased additionally, if they are not already a part of your IT landscape.

  • Microsoft 365 Enterprise E3

  • Office 365 ATP

  • Thor Foresight Enterprise

  • Managed Secure DNS

An overview of how the different products protect

Baseline – a basic recommendation

As the name (Baseline Security) indicates, the service is a baseline. This means that we recommend you to purchase the entire service package content to be sufficiently covered. However, there is an option to add or deselect parts of the service in proportion to the company's security needs

Readiness 24/7 with IT security experts

Baseline Security does not only consist of preventive protection - but also access to 24/7 readiness. You are never left to fend for yourself.

Our readiness is manned 24/7 and are ready to take care of requests all hours of the day. Moreover, we follow up on possible incidents and provide you with recomendations for potential security improvements.

Reporting - keep up with it every month

Do not be afraid of losing the overview of your company's security. On our customer portal, you can access reports, every month, which provide:

  • check Overview of identities
  • check Multifactor authentication on identities
  • check Overview of end user units
  • check Compliance on end user units

What is the price model?

Baseline Security is a scalable service, where you pay a fixed price per user per month. You can, at any time, add or remove users from the service.

Cut down on the overall expenses

The expenses to security products and the ongoing work with the maintenance is often both expensive and time consuming. With Baseline Security you can typically go without a string of your security products.

You will also save a lot of time on the implementation. You will receive a full implementation plan, in which everything from policies and configurations to automation is defined.

Your advantages of
Baseline Security

The advantages of Baseline Security is that you do not only receive implemented, basic and balanced IT security coverage. You also receive:

24/7 readiness - all year around

Direct access to IT consultants

A scalable service

A budget service

Hear more about, how you can protect your company with Baseline Security

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