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The most employed secure e-mail solution in Denmark

More than
daily e-mails

A standard e-mail account is not a secure mail method when it comes to forwarding or receiving personal data or confidential information (cf. the new personal data protection act). 

It will for sure affect your company reputation if personal data is disclosed due to unsecure e-mail. And it might also cost you fines of up till 4% of your company's global turnover. 

Send secure e-mails

You do not have to worry about your employees' e-mailing of data, if you choose this IT Relation solution - SEPO Secure e-mail .

Comply with every legal requirement regarding secure e-mail

SEPO is the leading and most well-proven secure e-mail solution for sending and receiving secure e-mails - with more than 350,000 users within both the public sector and private companies. On a daily basis, approximately 1 mio e-mails pass the hosted version of this solution. SEPO can also be an integrated part of an in-house solution.

By using SEPO you can easily encrypt and sign your company e-mails ad comply with Danish Legislation as well as the new EU personal data guidelines (which you need to implement by 1 May 2018 at the latest)  

A few of our other Secure E-mail customers:

Send and receive secure e-mails – as ususally

SEPO - Secure E-mail makes it easy for you and your employees to send and receive secure mail from you present e-mail account (eg Outlook). This solution will automatically encrypt and decrypt all company e-mails without any actions from the individual employees. A user-friendly plugin will via colours (green and red) show, if it is possible to send a secure e-mail to the recipient.

More advantages by letting us deliver a secure e-mail solution to your company 

From 10 to thousands of users 

SEPO is a very relevant solution for your company irrespective of whether you are only a few employees or a large organisation. The solution is scalable - and modules and users can be added or removed according to your needs. You will never be required to pay for unnecessary functions or users. 

Fixed all inclusive price structure

You will pay a fixed low price per user no matter how many e-mails you send and receive. The price is all inclusive ie. also support if you or your employees need any help during the proces.

Easy to use for everybody

SEPO requires no special education from you and your employees. You only have to use an extra button "Secure mail", which will automatically be added to your mail system. Use the botton when you want to send a secure e-mail. 

Your advantages by choosing SEPO - Secure E-mail 

  • check Can either be a hosted service (we take care of everything) or as implemented diretly in the infrastructure of your own company 
  • check Based on standard technology and is a well proven solution in the market
  • check Runs independently of your company's spam and antivirus programs
  • check Works with Office 365 and your own Exchange - and can handle digital mail
  • check User-friendly solution with clear indication of secure e-mail functions
  • check Receive competent support
  • check Makes it possible to cooperate with public authorities, as the solution fulfills all public requirements for secure e-mail 

Start small and extend with modules in pace with needs and budget

Supplement our Secure E-mail solution with a number of add-on modules, which will make your e-mail communication even more secure.

Tunnel encryption

This will eliminate the risk if an employee forgets to send a secure e-mail. 

Secure e-mail

Secure e-mail is an Outlook feature, which makes it possible to send secure e-mails to other companies and authorities via a safe and clear method.

Digital mail

Digital mail akes it possible to send and receive digital mail to and from citizens and companies via E-box.

Mail distributor

This module distributes e-mails from Digital Mail and administrates several mailboxes.

Digital Mail REST Gateway

This feature makes it possible to receive and send comprehensive mails from and to Digital Mail.

We can help you secure your company e-mails

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