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Optimise IT security with a SMS Passcode

A password is no longer sufficient to validate the identity of users when it can be guessed, phished or purchased online. Companies of all sizes are affected by network intrusion  – often without realising it. With an SMS Passcode, you achieve effective authentication and in this way a high protection of your data.

Therefore you must use the SMS Passcode

SMS Passcode validates the user by means of the mobile phone. The solution works by sending a one-time passcode to the user's mobile phone (typically via SMS) once he/she has entered a correct password. This passcode is then also entered. This extra layer of protection on your hosting solution increases security considerably. Danish SMS Passcode is the market leading technology within the field of multi-factor authentication.

Uncompromising protection of your data

SMS Passcode protects against real-time phishing attacks as the code is session-bound and can only be used for the initial session. Through our Geo-fencing system, we can alert the user where they log in from, thus identifying potential attacks.

Intelligent security and maximum user-friendliness

The solution uses a variety of factors to validate the user at each login. For example, the system may be configured to adjust the need for validation dynamically. If the user logs in from an IP address that SMS Passcode trusts (e.g your office, where the user has logged in a number of times before), then the one-time code can be deselected.

Unsurpassed reliability

  • The SMS Passcode’s mobile-based platform includes a number of delivery methods, as well as a sophisticated automatic fail-over
  • The platform ensures that you can always log in, whether you are in Hong Kong or Hobro

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