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Powerful and complete email protection in the cloud

Stay EmailSecurity is a complete and powerful service in the cloud that protects email from spam and viruses. This eliminates spam before it reaches your network, email server and clients. The e-mail protection is used without installation and can be started in the twinkling of an eye. The service adheres to Danish law as well as the requirements and recommendations of the Danish Data Protection Agency. Today, Stay EmailSecurity delivers email protection to more than 600,000 users.

Protection against unwanted Danish advertising

The amount of unsolicited advertising for travel, ink cartridges, training, publications and much more is increasing. The people behind the adverts are very often ordinary companies, called legitimate companies, and not the traditional spammers. It is difficult to stop this advertising because it is impossible to separate the desired and unwanted adverts. Commercial Email Filter (CEF) is a unique and national spam protection that is fully integrated in Stay EmailSecurity. CEF ensures that unwanted advertising is stopped effectively, whilst allowing advertising and newsletters that you would like to receive.

Extra protection against phishing

Spammers and scammers are using increasingly sophisticated phishing techniques. They often target a specific group in the form of an organisation or a geographical region. Effective protection requires local analysis, technical adjustments, and effective reporting methods. An Addressed Phishing Filter (APF) is included in Stay EmailSecurity. APF is a unique solution that provides extra protection against this new type of phishing.

Protects against

  • Spam
  • Unwanted advertising from Danish companies
  • All types of viruses
  • Targeted phishing attacks
  • Lost emails
  • Traffic attacks


  • Spam and virus filter
  • CEF, stops unwanted Danish advertising
  • APF, unique protection against targeted phishing attacks
  • Rapid and complete searchability
  • Quarantine and quarantine reports
  • Extensive rights management
  • Protection of personal information

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