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There is much more to mobility than devices. It is about giving the employees the flexibility to be able to access data and applications in a secure way wherever they are and whatever device they use. We think and implement mobility into your business with an increased efficiency and bottom line as a result.

Customise your IT strategy for mobile opportunities and threats

If you have not yet adjusted your company’s IT strategy for the opportunities and threats which the usage of mobile devices and technology has caused , you are not alone. We would like to you with this adjustment. We can identify, formulate and implement a customised strategy that exploits the mobile potential and supports your organisation's workflow. Always with a view to creating value for your business.

Thomas Møller Jensen

Team Manager, Sales

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Thomas Møller Jensen

Mobility is also flexibility

When it comes to mobility, we know what we are talking about. Therefore, we would like to challenge you and would like discuss future possibilities with you. If you ask us about Mobility, we believe that there is more to mobility than devices. It is about giving employees the flexibility to be able to access data and applications from any device  – anytime, anywhere.

Workshop: Mobility

Whichever mobility solution you're considering, we recommend you to start with a workshop where we can jointly clarify your company's mobile strategy (Employees from various departments in your company are more than welcome to participate). The price is reasonable, and after the workshop you will receive a report which includes optimisation opportunities and a mobility strategy and policy.

At the workshop, we will go through the below issues among other things:

  • checkProcesses and tasks
  • checkCurrent mobile fleet
  • checkNeeds and challenges - known and unknown
  • checkPossible objectives for the use of mobile technology
  • checkAny other business IT security policy
  • checkEnd-of-Life handling


All round Mobility

Due to our highly specialised IT staff, you have access to skills at any time and who can help you develop solutions which exploit the mobile potential and support your company's business.

Analysis and strategy

Hardware and software

Preparation and roll-out

Delivery and implementation

Operations & support

Solutions that support Mobility

MaaS (Mobility as a Service)

You can get mobility delivered as a service with the budgeting of fixed expenses. The concept is a complete solution where you get the hardware, software and services required for your employees' devices delivered as a total service. Easy, simple and scalable.
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MDM (Mobility Device Management)

With an MDM solution, you can gain control of all of your company's mobile devices. Whether you want to manage the security, the administration or the applications, we can help you finding the right MDM solution for your company’s needs.
More about MDM

EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management)

EMM is an end-to-end solution, which among other things allows you to control and regulate your company's devices, wireless network, employee access, data and applications. Among other things the solution includes MDM, MAM, MCM and IAM.
More about EMM

EMS (Enterprise Mobility Suite)

Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) is the name of Microsoft's platform for the management of mobility challenges. EMS provides tools to support the needs of the employee and to manage and protect users, devices, apps and data.
More about EMS

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