Copenhagen Software becomes part of Miracle42


It is with great pleasure that we can now share with you that ITR Group has acquired Copenhagen Software, which will be part of Miracle42.

Copenhagen Software focus on the development of digital business and offers their customers advice on system architecture and technology as well as implementation and development.

Together with Miracle42, we can offer our customers application development and support. With the acquisition, unique opportunities arise when we look at the combination of Miracle 42's expertise in application development and support and Copenhagen Software's strengths in Microsoft development and consulting. With the total expert knowledge and experience that both parties contribute, we are now even stronger in terms of development and support of applications. All of which is something that can benefit our customers.

We welcome Copenhagen Software to ITR Group.

About Copenhagen Software Copenhagen
Software has a total of 10 employees, of which 2 people are based in Lithuania. Their main areas are Microsoft development and consulting - including a solid experience with Azure.

About Miracle42
Miracle42 has a total of 92 employees in Ballerup, Aarhus and Stockholm. Miracle 42's main areas are Application Development, Operations and Support, Managed Services and Test and QA. We monitor and operate complex databases especially in Microsoft, Oracle and Red Hat environments.

Contact information
Copenhagen Software
Partner and Senior Architect, Stig Irming-Pedersen, +45 5190 8927.

EO, Steen S. Knudsen, +45 4060 7899.

ITR Group CEO, Henrik Kastbjerg, +45 2069 6700.