Press Release: IT Relation presents a new, strong organization following the merger with Itadel


IT Relation is ready to establish its new organization following the acquisition of Itadel in May 2021 and the recent merger of the two companies. IT Relation presents a new management structure and a total of approx. 750 employees who will strengthen the ITM8 Group offerings towards customers focusing on strong competences and superior customer service within hosting, operation and cloud services.

The new customer-oriented organization will arise from the merger with Itadel. The organization will present the very best from two of the most significant IT service businesses in Denmark in order to further strengthen the IT Relation competences as a service company, and concurrently increase customer development focus.

The merger and the new organization aim to create a basis for growth. Brian Sørensen, Executive Vice President, IT Relation states: “Our ambition is to be perceived as an agile and professional partner being very close to and understanding our customers’ businesses. Today, we can announce a scalable and skilled organization, being able to fulfill customer needs now as well as in the future. In addition, we present significant strength and size, which only few businesses in this industry are able to match. All together this provides us with unique possibilities for growth and positioning as a preferred partner within digital transformation among potential and existing customers.”

Related to the organizational adjustments Brian Sørensen explains: “When merging two companies, there will be dual job functions as well as other consequences, when matching competences and positions in the most optimal way. Across the two original companies, unfortunately, we have to part ways with 25 good employees, who will not be part of the final team. Each and every one of them are competent colleagues, and we will of course do our utmost to help them move on with a new career.”

Further information
Brian Sørensen, Executive Vice President, IT Relation, mobile +45 2085 9570 Henrik Kastbjerg, Group CEO, ITM8, mobile +45 2069 6700

About IT Relation
May 2021, ITM8 acquired Itadel with the purpose of merging the company with IT Relation. The merger will strengthen and expand the service palette towards customers and increase focus on digital transformation. IT Relation counts approx. 750 employees in total split between the head office in Herning and a number of locations across Denmark, as well as in the Czech Republic and the Philippines. IT Relation is part of the ITM8 group.

About ITM8
ITM8 is the leading Danish supplier of IT services for private businesses and the public sector. ITM8 is represented at 19 locations in Denmark, Sweden, the Philippines and the Czech Republic. The group holds a strong market position in Denmark focusing on four business areas; Cloud Services/IT Operations, Digital Transformation, Application Services and Cyber Security. Following the recent acquisitions, the ITM8 yearly turnover is 1.4 bn DKK and the group employ 1,100+ employees within the companies IT Relation, Progressive, Mentor IT, Sotea, Cloud Teams, Miracle42, Emineo, Copenhagen Software and Improsec.