Find the appropriate hardware and software for your company

Should you buy or hire IT equipment? There is no simple answer to this question. There are advantages to both approaches. Much depends on your company's IT needs and the resources you have for handling and maintaining them.

With us, you can both buy and hire IT equipment. We have a wide selection of hardware and software; our experts are on hand to find the particular IT solution best suited to your company. 

Long experience leads to better solutions

Several of our 13 specialists have more than 15 years’ experience in compiling combinations of hardware and software to meet the needs of a business.

We both procure single units and bring about the broader agreement that will ensure that you always have the computers, telephones and applications that allow your business to run smoothly.

And we look forward to making a difference for you!

Solutions rather than products

It is sometimes difficult to tell hardware products apart – and a lot of software replicates task resolution. What is the essential thing to keep in mind when making your choice? Could the cheapest solution be worth it? Or does a broader solution represent better value?

We are happy to discuss this with you and give you the benefit of our experience. But we would like to make a point of beginning with your business needs.

IT equipment that is equal to your business

Our approach to IT equipment is always Business First! We take a business view of your company's IT equipment and examine what will add most value to your particular type of business. For this reason, we may not recommend the latest version of an item – if it transpires that the costs exceed the rewards for the business.

Avoid making the wrong choice for your company

Are you unsure as to which article is worth your company's investment? What software your company needs? And what hardware you should choose? If you ask us, you will always receive an honest answer. We are the ultimate geeks when it comes to IT equipment. In fact, we're ahead of the game on developments in software and hardware. If you want help in implementing and using the systems, we are happy to provide it. This can save you a misjudged purchase and many hours’ setting up your IT.

Our remit is wide

From iPhones to meeting rooms

We are always happy to give you advice; we also propose special offers for a wide a range of units that your employees use daily, and rely on if they are to add value to the business.

  • Computers or tablets
  • Server/storage
  • Networks
  • Software licensing agreements
  • Telephones
  • Meeting room facilities
  • Computer accessories
  • Printers
  • Purchase of used equipment
  • Finance