Service Desk Basic

Let us perform the functions of an IT support filter for all the enquiries to your company's own IT department. Easy and time-saving.

One dedicated IT support contact

With Service Desk Basic, you and your staff are never in doubt who you should contact with an IT support issue. We act as your only IT support contact. This means that whatever IT problem you are facing you can always contact the same team with us. We take over from here: Either we solve the problem or ensure that the right person deals with it

You can always apply to the same place

We categorise every challenge. If we can solve it at Service Desk Basic, we will. Here and now. If the task is more complex, it is our responsibility to ensure that the job is forwarded – either to third party suppliers or to your own IT department. For that reason you and your staff only have to approach one place. Easy and simple.

Lightning-fast response times and here-and-now IT solutions

You and your employees can count on response times below 30 seconds. And for more than 80% of all queries, your challenges are solved promptly by the employee who answers the call or email.

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How support works in practice

5 advantages of choosing Service Desk Basic


Phone support

If you have an IT problem, you can always call the same dedicated phone number 24 hours a day – regardless of job size. We will then solve the problem from there.


E-mail support

Get IT support at your convenience, 24/7. Send an e-mail with your IT problem to a dedicated support function, and receive the answer in your inbox.


Overview and management reporting

All enquiries are recorded so that we can provide continuous management reporting. Together we can use the reporting to develop the rest of the IT infrastructure.


Customised customer portal

You will get access to a customised portal where you can see ongoing issues, summaries, reportings, etc. It provides a survey of your enquiries as well as transparency.


Customers' own solutions

You will get an IT support solution that is customised to handle your company's systems. Flexible and individually.

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