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Ask us about the development of IT projects. Our approach is particular (effective)

Business first. Followed promptly by solutions.

Does your company have specific needs that do not fit into a standard solution? Or does it fit a standard solution, but you pay dearly for features you do not use? Whatever your company's challenge, we can help you. We always analyse your business needs first. Then we look at which option is the most feasible for you. Sometimes an adaptation of a standard solution is the most valuable. Other times, it is more worthwhile to tailor a new IT solution.

Efficiency through digitalisation

Does your company spend too much time on manual processes? And on systems that are not compatible? If you ask us, the solution lies in the development and integration of existing or new IT systems. In our experience, a lot of money can be saved with digitalisation. We will gladly help you identify which working processes could benefit from digitalisation. Always with a focus on creating business value.

Agile and applicable solutions

Are you worried about launching an IT project that runs out of control? We have an agile approach to developing IT projects. This means that your business will be involved throughout the development process. Discussions and status meetings are part of the process, where we can consider the next step from a business perspective. So in the end, you have a modern IT solution that meets your company's current requirements.

Lars Nielsen

Solutions Manager

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Lars Nielsen

IT solutions of any kind

We develop and implement customised solutions based on Microsoft technology. We create business value through new developments and adapting existing standard applications from leading IT partners. You can see examples of what we can develop and integrate here.


CRM optimisation


Document handling

Business Intelligence

Digital workflows

From default to customised

It does not matter to us whether you need to customise a standard solution, optimise an existing process, or develop an IT solution from scratch. For us, it is all about developing a solution that meets your business needs. Always based on optimising your business. As much as possible.

We digitalise workflows. Always focusing on the business needs

If you talk to us about developing IT projects, we can tell you how we can meet your business needs. But the talk does not stop there. We always take your needs into consideration from a business perspective. And we always look ahead and ensure that there is room for future development.

Wise from experience

Since 1990, we have developed and integrated IT projects for hundreds of companies. We will carry this experience and know-how into your project.

Qualified discussion

We know what we are talking about when it comes to IT that supports businesses. Therefore, we would like to discuss with you so you can optimise your business with IT.

Agile and flexible

We have an agile approach to developing IT projects. You always get a flexible solution that allows you to change the requirements along the way.









Part of the good company

You do not get certifications automatically. You have to qualify for them. Year after year. This is why we work hard every day. So that you are guaranteed solutions that always meet strict quality and safety requirements. More about our certifications

We have benefited greatly from their help with the pre-analysis. This meant that we were very sure about what was going to happen, who should do what, and what it would cost.

— Dan Borup Jørgensen, Chain Manager at Dyrlæger & Ko

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Products we have developed ourselves

As a software development house, our expertise is both broad and deep. The result is more recognised products that support a digitisation strategy in both the private and public sectors  – for example TK2 and Online Scholarship.


TK2 is a public dental care system used by 60% of the country's municipalities.
More about TK2 

Online Scholarship

Online Scholarship was developed in collaboration with the Otto Mønsted Foundation, and is used by several of the leading foundations.
More about Online Scholarship 

Some questions we have heard before

Do you have experience in developing similar projects?

It is important that you have confidence in the fact that we are the right supplier for the job. With over 25 years of experience in the development and integration of IT projects, we have tried most things. Our project list include everything from CRM-optimisation to digitising workflows. For both private and public companies. Over the years we have learned not to just look at the concrete issues to be solved, but also to look ahead so that there is room for future development.

How much does an IT development project (typically) cost?

It would be untrustworthy to give you an estimate before we are familiar with the requirements for your project. Therefore, we propose you start with a workshop where we can really identify your project. On this basis, we can give you a qualified answer. You can also come to us with a concrete project description. We can then give you a rough estimate of the project.

What is the process of a (typical) IT project?

We always follow an agile process model that we introduce to you and engage you in. The model includes a series of stages in which we clarify who does what and when. If new needs arise along the way, our agile approach ensures that we can constantly work with changes. Always with a view to be finishing on time. And the process does not end there. The transfer, training and documentation are also important elements of an IT project with us.

How would you handle possible changes along the way?

We have an agile approach to developing IT projects. This means that the process is flexible and can easily handle changes along the way. We address changes from a business perspective and ensure that the next step is also the most valuable to your business. You will be involved in status meetings and ongoing discussion. So you always know the estimates and priorities of the project.

How can we be sure that your estimates will hold?

You will never be surprised by an invoice you do not know about. We are in fact very thorough in the initial phase. In the light of a workshop (or a project description), we will identify your project and come up with a rough estimate based on the requirements that have already been found. There are (almost) always new demands and deviations along the way. We deal with these as they come up, and regularly discuss them with you. So that you always know the total project scope.

Do you have an IT project in mind?

Let us talk about how we can develop and/or integrate a solution that supports your business.

Do you need to know more?

Yes, it is without commitment. We would like to share our knowledge and experience with you. Free of charge.

Flemming Jørgensen

Solution Manager

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Flemming Jørgensen

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