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 How we make Business Intelligence (indispensable) knowledge for your business

Data Driven Business Development

Do you make decisions based on too little data or unstructured information? If you ask us, the solution is Business Intelligence (BI). It is about how we can make it easier for you and your staff to collect relevant data and convert it into usable and accessible knowledge. So you can make better decisions based on business insight - not gut feelings.

Constant overview of the business

Is your company's data spread across multiple systems? Is it hard to use these in their present form? We can help you get a BI solution that gathers and connects all of your company's business-critical data in one place. And get a solution where you can compile graphs, figures and tables in one user-friendly image - from all mobile devices. This makes it easy to get an overview. Wherever you are.

Agile and quick to act

How fast can you react to critical business problems and exploit sudden potentials? With the right BI solution, you can be at the forefront with your business. We can help you get an effective BI solution, where you always have access to real-time indicators and updated data. And we can discuss with you how to use your data to make predictions about the future of your business, is based on knowledge from both the past and present.

More benefits with Business Intelligence

Easier and faster reporting

Do you and your staff use many resources to dig out key figures and make management reports? With a BI solution, we make it easy to analyse data and create dashboards and visual reports. You get a user-friendly solution that is easy to use at all levels of your business. It quickly saves you a lot of time and avoids many manual errors.

Strengthen cooperation

Are you struggling to get all of your departments to understand the company's goals and work optimally together to achieve them? With a BI solution, you can create better conditions for cooperation. We can help you develop a solution where your company's key performance indicators, department performance and areas of operation become visible to all. It gives you an overview of where you can best use your resources.

BI provides value for (almost) all departments


BI can help to visualise customer interaction from first contact to after-sales. From this, you can make better forecasts.


BI can help generate business insight and translate data for marketing plans showing the ROI.

Customer service

BI can help monitor each customer interaction and the effect of the service you provide.


BI can help identify methods for process improvement, and increase the efficiency of operational areas.


BI can help to get a quick overview of the company's data and make better business-critical decisions.


BI can help to gather important data in a dashboard and make it easy to identify risks and areas for improvement.

Competencies relating to the BI

If you work with us on Business Intelligence, you will get input from IT consultants with business acumen and deep technical expertise. Our approach is always business first.

Building the data warehouse

A good data warehouse is (typically) the foundation of a good BI solution. We take responsibility for implementation - either by building from scratch or by using an automation tool.

Reporting, dashboards and data analysis

As a user, it is the figures, graphs, timing and availability that make a good BI experience. Whether you want pivot tables in Excel, Power BI dashboards or SharePoint-based KPIs, we can help you.

Large screens

Use large screens to visualise the data and influence a particular behaviour within the company. We can help you visualise the month's sales figures, current cases, pick from the inventory, or something completely different.

Power BI integration and embedding

With Power BI, we can help you automatically update the data in real-time from your data sources to give users access to analyse their own data in Power BI or to embed reports in your own application. More about Power BI

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Azure is a series of IoT services that can be used to collect data from the products via sensors that are coupled to the internet. If you want to visualise and analyse this data, then the Power BI is the obvious choice. Let us help you get started.

Which BI tools are best?

We are not set in stone when dealing with technology. But we believe that it is better to be specialists in a few technologies than to be ok at everything. Therefore, we have chosen the tools that we believe will provide the most value for you.

Microsoft Power BI

A business analysis tool that is particularly well suited for the analysis, visualisation and sharing of reports.

Microsoft SQL Server (incl. SSRS, SSIS and SSAS)

A business intelligence and data warehouse platform that provides insight and faster results with your data.

Microsoft Azure

A platform for computing in the cloud, providing security and flexibility.


A tool that can extract data from all your business data sources such as ERP and CRM systems, spreadsheets, and databases.


An analysis and reporting tool that works as an integrated add-on to Microsoft Excel.

Better decisions with pragmatic BI

Do not be afraid to say if Business Intelligence appears confusing. Our approach is pragmatic. Better to start small and build a solution that is based on some of the programs that your employees already know - than to drown in a large and expensive set-up.

Business before solution

We always analyse your business before we talk about solutions. It gives us the best basis to make a difference for your business.

We will also be around next year

Looking for a solution that lasts? Since 1990, we have developed effective IT solutions that support companies' business processes.

Honest and present

We say it like it is. Because we respect your business. And we always pick up the phone if you need help. Even after the first year.









Part of the good company

You do not get certifications automatically. You have to qualify for them. Year after year. This is why we work hard every day. So that you are guaranteed solutions that always meet strict quality and safety requirements. More about our certifications

In short, we have a solution that has made our BI work both flexible and intelligent.

— Jonas Bruun Nørgreen, Administration and Financial Manager at LauRie

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5 questions we have heard before

Do we need a BI solution, or can we continue with Excel?

It depends on the situation. Ask yourself: Do you and your staff need dynamic and interactive reports? If so, you should consider a Power BI solution. If you need to link together data from multiple sources, that also points towards a BI solution. On the other hand, if the need for reporting is more static and less comprehensive, Excel can (sometimes) be the right solution.

Can we create BI reports ourselves, or do we need external assistance?

You and your employees can create BI reports. We show you how and help you to make the first ones. You can always purchase additional training, if you need to.

Can we use Power BI without having a data warehouse?

Power BI can be used directly on your data source (your ERP). But if the performance of your company's financial system matters, you should carefully consider the report’s complexity - otherwise it may go beyond the performance of your financial solution.

What resources and competencies does a BI solution demand from us?

We help you all the way - from design to deployment and training. However, the best results can be seen when you appoint superusers with good data understanding in the company. It also requires the management’s backing.

What does a BI-solution cost – is it expensive?

It depends on how you perceive the price. For us, the answer is always about the value a BI solution gives your company. We often find that the investment is quickly recovered because you achieve considerable time savings - for example in relation to the month end. At the same time, the solution provides ongoing value for your business, since everyone has access to the necessary information.

If you are specifically asking for a concrete price for a BI solution? You must factor in a license price (ongoing) and an implementation price. The license from Microsoft is somewhat lower than the main competitors. The cost of implementation depends on your ambition and your starting point. Our recommendation is that you build up a comprehensive database for reporting (with a starting price of 100,000 DKK). The experience we provide gives the best results.

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