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Get our (effective) formula for how to create value with CRM

Business strategy before the system

Would you like to win the battle for customers? Then our answer is a clear CRM strategy supported by a good CRM system. But it is always strategy before system. You have to know how to work with customer care in your business - and what processes your system must support. That is why we happily take part in an analytical process to help you map out business processes before we create a CRM solution.

Lars Nielsen

Solutions Manager

Lars Nielsen

Get the right CRM solution

Are you worried about ending up with a complex CRM solution that does not create value for your employees and your business? We are always ambitious on your behalf. But we start rather slowly and carefully, rather than getting lost in an all-singing-all-dancing CRM solution. We can always let the experiences and successes control the future development of the solution.

Get more out of your customer data

Do you know enough about your customers? Who buys what? Who are you in contact with and when? Who is dissatisfied and why? With a CRM solution, you can collect and organise all your company's customer information from sales, marketing and customer service in one system. We can help you integrate the right data and use it strategically to target each customer. That is the key to having loyal customers who buy more.

Here are two more ingredients that are essential for valuable CRM

Make better decisions faster

Is it often a cumbersome process to access the data required to make informed business decisions? If you chose us to do the job, we will help you develop a CRM solution that always gives you access to updated reports where you can gain insight into the sales pipeline and customer history. It makes it easier to make optimal decisions.

Overview of all customer data

Do you and your employees lack an overview of customers and familiar topics? With a CRM solution, we help your business get one system that makes it easy to quickly access all customer information - from e-mail correspondence and phone calls to purchase history and complaints. So that everyone can get an insight into the history of each customer contact or sales opportunity at any time.

Benefits for everyone - including your customers

Targeted marketing

The data in a CRM solution can give you information about who your (primary) target market is, so that you can use your marketing budget appropriately.

Better customer service

With a CRM solution, you can analyse how your customer service functions. You can use that knowledge to identify areas for improvement.

Save time

Sales, Marketing and Customer Service can easily and quickly gain access to better and more accurate customer data with a CRM solution. It can quickly save many resources.

Tighter data security

You not only get to structure your data in a CRM solution - you also get the chance to control who has access to specific data and functions.

Increased sales

With a CRM solution, you gain access to data that can tell you when your customers last made a purchase and how often they buy. This knowledge enables you to contact customers at the right time.

We create business with CRM

When you talk CRM with us, it is not just a question of systems. It is also a question of how we can turn data into knowledge that creates value for your business.

We understand data-driven business

For over 25 years we have helped hundreds of companies get more out of their customer data. We put this experience into making your CRM solution.

Always up-to-date with the latest knowledge

When it comes to CRM, we know what we are talking about. And we always remain aware of trends and new CRM products.

Honest and easy to talk to

We say it like it is. Because we respect your business. And we always take your phone call if you require support after implementation.









Part of the good company

You do not get certifications automatically. You have to qualify for them. Year after year. This is why we work hard every day. So that you are guaranteed solutions that always meet strict quality and safety requirements. More about our certifications

Which CRM system should you choose?

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the most widely-used system in Denmark. The advantage is that it is valuable for both small and large businesses. The system can be adapted so that you only purchase the functionality that makes sense for your business. 

We're not set on the choice of technology, and we continually cover new CRM systems. In most cases, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is shown to be the best choice. Therefore, we have become self-made experts in both the development and implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. More about Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft CRM in the cloud or on your own servers?

Microsoft CRM is available in two versions: Cloud or On-premise. The choice is yours. We will always advise you about what will best pay off for your business.

Skilled in everything to do with CRM

Advisory and Consulting Services

Use us as Microsoft CRM consultants. We can also help you develop or customise your CRM strategy based on your business.

Customised CRM solution

Get a CRM solution that is precisely tailored to how your business will work with customer care.

Integration with business systems

Get Microsoft Dynamics CRM integrated with systems such as SharePoint, your business website and ERP systems.

Painless data migration

Let us import data from your old system to the Microsoft CRM system, so you are sure to get all of your existing data.

Installation and configuration

Preparations for installation. We can evaluate your IT infrastructure and for example determine whether the environment is ready for a CRM server.

Support 24/7

You can always reach us if problems arise. We answer the phone 24 hours a day to support and help you further.

Some questions we have heard before

What does a CRM solution cost - is it expensive?

It depends on what requirements you have for the CRM solution. But typically it is not a major investment to get started with CRM - particularly when you consider the value it gives back to your business. Our recommendation is to start small, and with good experiences, you can always build more functionality on top.

Can the CRM solution be integrated with our mail and financial system?

Yes, we recommend you always have a CRM solution where you can import data from your other systems such as ERP and mail system. The point is that you do not need to create and maintain customer data manually in several places.

I am concerned that the CRM solution cannot do everything that was requested by the employees?

Your concern is understandable. But remember to stay focused on what the purpose of your CRM solution was for your business. So that you do not end up with an expensive and complex solution that is not worth the money. That said, anchoring your CRM solution is essential for success. Therefore, you should involve key people early on in the process and compare their wishes to the value can be added.

Can we access the CRM solution from a mobile?

When you cooperate with us, you and your employees can access your CRM solution from your phone. Your solution will build on Microsoft CRM, which has developed a free app that gives constant access to the solution from the phone.

Are you considering a CRM solution?

Let's talk about how CRM can create value for your business.

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Solution Manager

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