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Your benefits of talking intranet and portals with us

Constant access to the digital workplace

Do you and your employees often spend time searching for information and finding the right tools for the job? Let us help you develop an intranet that does not just collect and organise all of your business information in one platform. But also acts as your employee's digital workplace that gives them all the right tools for the job  – regardless of time and place.

Agility and goals on time

Do you worry about launching an intranet or portal solution, where time and finances soar? We have an agile approach to developing IT projects. This means that we are constantly looking at processes and evaluating the next step from a business perspective. At the same time, we make sure that you get a flexible solution that takes any new requirements into account that may arise along the way. Always with a view to finish on time and within budget.

Application instead of technique

Do you wonder how to get an intranet (or portal) embedded in your business? Give us the job, and you will get a solution that focuses on the application. For us, it is about developing a platform that makes life easier for you and your employees. We therefore involve regular users in the process, so that they become part of the project. This makes it easier to get support for the solution.

Here are two more benefits when talking intranet and portals with us

Enhanced cooperation

Do you need a tool to optimise collaboration within your company or with your customers? With an intranet (customer portal), you can easily and quickly get a platform where it is possible to share and collaborate on projects, documents and tools - no matter where you are in the world. If you hand over the job to us, we will not only leave you with a platform. We will also help you to use the technology so that it actually streamlines the collaboration.

Workflows become digital

Do you experience workflows in your business that are heavy or characterised by (many) manual errors? If you ask us, we will first recommend a business analysis where we analyse the work processes in your business. Based on the analysis, we identify processes that can usefully be digitised is accessed from an intranet (portal solution). Always on the basis of what creates value for your business.

Solutions for the digital workplace

Whether you need an intranet or a customised project portal, it is about developing a solution that increases the efficiency of your company.


Create a highly efficient HR space that automates the hiring and firing processes. It can quickly save your company many hours of work. An HR portal can also support both internal and external requirements for personal data processing and storage. 


Automating workflows and digitising processes can lead to higher productivity. You can also minimise errors and ensure data quality. This makes it easier for the employee to perform the work - without having to involve the IT department.


Does your company need a safe space for information sharing and an effective communication channel? Then an intranet might be the solution. You will get optimal tools for knowledge sharing and collaboration across departments. It can help to break down barriers and strengthen the spirit of solidarity.

Project Portals

Get a project portal that supports your company's project management. A portal can include tools for task overviews, task management, project processes, resource management and documentation. It will provide both efficiency and project quality.


When you work closely with customers and suppliers, an extranet can be a good solution. With an extranet, you can easily invite third parties to a joint collaboration. You can, for example, facilitate the secure sharing of knowledge, documents and information. In that way, you can streamline the level of knowledge and strengthen the co-operation.

Control of documents. And rights

It may be critical to your business if data and documents end up in the wrong hands. Therefore, we always build tight security into our solutions. We reuse (among other things) AD information, utilise EMS items (like Information Rights Management), and ensure that the solution can be integrated with and meets Microsoft's "best practice" for security. In this way, we ensure that you get a solution that meets the requirements for document security, making governance easy both internally and externally.

Which platform should you choose?

For us, it is not a question of one platform over the other. We always assess the technology based on your business goals. In most cases, SharePoint proves to be the most effective tool to support and improve workflows. Therefore, it will usually be our recommendation.

Get the most from SharePoint for free

It can quickly become an expensive and lengthy process if we must build your intranet or your portal from scratch. When we base it on Microsoft SharePoint, you get functionality such as document management, collaboration features and communication tools included. This makes it easier to find the finances for the special functions that can be valuable for your business. 

With over 10 years of experience in SharePoint, we know what we are talking about. We have delivered hundreds of solutions that include everything from citizen-oriented service solutions to simple intranet for complex business-critical systems with advanced integration to include ERP and telephone systems. Therefore, you can safely leave the entire job to us from concept and implementation to operation and maintenance.

More about Microsoft SharePoint

We support your business

When you talk intranet or portal solutions with us, we are not just system suppliers. We are business developers. Our most important task is to help you get the technology and systems to work together. So you get a solution that supports workflows and saves you costs on the bottom line.

Always business before solution

We always analyse your business before we talk about solutions. It gives us the best basis to make a difference for your business.

Honest and easy to talk to

We say it like it is. Because we respect your business. And we always take your phone call if you need support – even after implementation.

Agile and flexible

We have an agile approach to developing IT projects. You always get a flexible solution that takes into account that requirements and goals may change along the way.









Part of the good company

You do not get certifications automatically. You have to qualify for them. Year after year. This is why we work hard every day. So that you are guaranteed solutions that always meet strict quality and safety requirements. More about our certifications

Intranet creates a live discussion, we are really happy. And at the same time, we feel we have come closer together.

— Filip Rasmussen, Group Manager of Communications and Marketing at Orbicon

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Some questions we have heard before

How do we know that the solution is right for our business?

The solution is intended to be part of a larger business system - it is never just an isolated solution that takes care of a specific here-and-now problem. You always get a complete and future-proof platform that can help to optimise business processes in your company.

How does the solution create value for us?

Our main task is always to develop a solution that creates value for your business. We therefore often analyse the workflow in your company first, creating a solution in the background, which digitises intensive processes. At the same time, you typically get a solution that creates structure and uniformity throughout the document management in your company. It will quickly stop you from making mistakes and save you many resources.

How flexible is the solution?

Although the solution is often based on a standard platform (Microsoft SharePoint), it is basically just as flexible as if you had developed it from scratch. Everything can be customised and tailored to the solution. The advantage is that the platform contains many of the basic tasks that you would otherwise have to pay for.

What are the integration possibilities like with other solutions?

With a SharePoint platform, you get a solution that is open and makes integration with other solutions an easy process. In fact, there are already some standard integrations that you can use out of the box.

How do we ensure that the solution is user friendly?

For us, usability is always an integral part of the project - from start to finish. And with a Microsoft SharePoint platform, we have useful help. The vast majority of users are familiar with Office products and already know the standard functionality on which our solutions are based.

Therefore, we also feel that it is completely safe to use our options. The cost of implementation depends on your ambition and your starting point. Our recommendation is that you build up a comprehensive database for reporting (with a starting price of 100,000 DKK). The experience we provide gives the best results.

Are you considering an intranet or customer portal?

Let's talk about how you can get a solution that supports your workflow and optimises your business.

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