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Microsoft Azure

A state-of-the-art data centre in the cloud, giving you complete flexibility

Microsoft Azure is a cloud-based computing platform, where you can easily build, deploy and manage your many IT services - i.e all your data, software, systems and applications, etc.

The beauty of Azure is that you can constantly increase or decrease of capacity. While paying only for what you use. That means: If your company suddenly needs more or less computing power, memory or storage, it can get it there and then - without it costing you extra. Overall, it is a flexible solution that you can continually adapt to your business needs. And prevent your IT budget getting out of hand.

Can I trust the cloud?

Yes, you can safely entrust your valuable data to the cloud. Microsoft is the world leader when it comes to securing your data. Microsoft Azure complies with a wide range of industry-specific safety and security checks. It is recognised by the EU data protection authorities and complies with strict EU laws on privacy.

What you get with Microsoft Azure:

  • Easy integration with your existing IT setup

  • The possibility to have all your data and IT services in the cloud, so that you do not have to have a big, expensive server collecting dust in your business

  • Constant access to your data - wherever you are (providing you have access to the internet)

  • Secure data storage, backup and recovery

  • Flexibility - increase or decrease your services as required. Avoid paying for resources you do not use

  • A platform that supports the majority of operating systems, programming languages, databases and devices

  • The latest IT technology with an uptime of 99.95%

This is why you should move your business to the cloud with Azure from the Everyday IT Superheroes:

  • We help you so you get the most efficient and optimal use of the cloud platform

  • We integrate Azure to fit your existing IT environment and requirements

  • You get 24/7 support for your Azure Solution

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