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Take care of your customers. There is money in it

Creating, retaining and developing customer relationships is critical to your company's sales success. Unfortunately, it does not happen by itself. It must be part of the system. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM can do this for you.

Microsoft CRM for sales, marketing, customer service and social uses

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you get an efficient system that allows you (and your sales and marketing department) a complete overview of your customers. You get the insight and the tools you need to sell more effectively, market more intelligently and deliver optimum customer service.

4 functions in Microsoft Dynamics CRM


Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM to quickly and efficiently gain knowledge of what your customers have purchased - but also to tell you what they have not yet purchased. In the background, you can sell related products to your existing customers - also called cross-selling. It is easier to sell to existing customers than to build new customer relationships.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM gives you an overview so that you can easily grasp how far your customers have come in the decision-making process. You can use it to put extra focus on customers who are close to making a decision - instead of trying to target everyone. 

In that way, you can use your energy on realistic customers and wait to address customers who are not yet ready to buy. Statistics show that focus and dedicated effort lead to more sales and therefore more revenue.


Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM for more effective marketing. You can make it easier for your marketing staff to plan and coordinate campaigns, make forecasts and measure the activity and efficiency.

For example with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can create audiences and segments, write newsletters and create targeted campaigns. You also have the ability to measure ROI (return of investment) and run reports with key figures. 

In short, Dynamics CRM is as important to your sales and marketing department as an effective finance program is your finance department.


Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM to strengthen your relationship with customers, whether they communicate with you on the phone, by e-mail or online. The system provides an overview of customers, products, cases and customer status. 

You can, among other things, track and report problems, maintain service levels and manage service conditions. It makes it easier to make the right decisions and meet customer service needs.


Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM as an effective way to monitor your company's interests on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

5 reasons why you will love Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Constant access to data

You have access to all the valuable data on your customers, such as: Customer information, sales history, complaints, work in progress, visit reports and more.

Get an overview of your customers

Via the sales dashboard, you can see which customers do not visit and which queries your customers come with - regardless of who is to perform the task.

Save time with CRM

You can save lots of time filling out spreadsheets with sales figures for your superiors, as all of the information can be found in the CRM system.

Easy advertising management

You can easily set new campaigns and activities in motion. All of your customers and prospects (leads) are in your CRM system, so you can just choose which of your customers should be part of the campaign.

Keep an eye on your goals

You can track your KPIs (targets) to see if you will reach your goals or need to make an extra effort.

We are experts in Microsoft CRM

At IT Relation, we know that Microsoft Dynamics CRM is worth the investment. We know this because we have worked with Microsoft CRM solutions for many years. Our legitimacy is in our ability to create CRM solutions that increase efficiency and create more sales. So we do. Just ask our customers.

We adapt and customise Microsoft CRM systems for different types of companies, and we ensure that the CRM solution interacts with the business’ other solutions. Anything from small or medium to some of the largest. For us, it does not matter who you are. Just that we can make a CRM system that is created for your company and your customers. It gives better results.

Microsoft CRM services we can help you with:

Advisory and consultancy services

You can use us as Microsoft CRM consultants. We can analyse your existing business processes and work routines, gather business requirements and develop a plan for how your company's CRM system can be customised.

Customised solutions

You can get a Microsoft CRM solution that fits your business and your customers. We can develop custom solutions in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, so that you can obtain the overview and customer data that will give you more sales.


You can get a Microsoft CRM system that is integrated with your other business systems. We integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM with systems such as SharePoint, your business website, ERP systems and the like.

Data relocation

You do not need to worry about losing customer data. We can help you import data from your old system to the Microsoft CRM system, so you are sure to get all of your existing data.

Installation and configuration

You do not need to prepare anything for the installation. We can evaluate your IT infrastructure and determine whether the environment is ready to for the CRM server - and if the clients meet the requirements. Subsequently, the CRM server and the clients are installed and configured.


You can always reach us if problems arise. We are available 24 hours a day with our support, and are ready to solve your IT challenges.

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