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Microsoft Power BI

Get an easy overview of your data with Power BI. And turn data into valuable knowledge quickly.

What is Power BI?

Power BI is a powerful analysis tool that you can use to analyse data, and visualise and share reports. The analysis tool is cloud-based. This means that you can access all data and reports from all types of devices - wherever and whenever. You can monitor your data in real-time and get messages on your mobile or tablet when something changes.

4 reasons to choose Microsoft Power BI

Create interactive reports

Within minutes, you can analyse data and transform it into visual reports that are easy to understand for everyone. You can instantly share the reports with everyone in your organisation - internally or online.

Go in-depth with your data

You can quickly get an in-depth view of your data through drag-and-drop dashboards and user-friendly reporting tools. So you can always easily see where there is opportunity to optimise.

See all of your business in one dashboard

You can monitor all of your data from the entire company and all the apps you use in your business on a dashboard. It gives you a lightning-fast 360-degree view of your business.

Integration with Microsoft products

Power BI is already tightly integrated with Microsoft's other products, e.g. Excel and SQL Server. This makes it easy to build robust, reusable models of your data.

Power BI consists of the following:

Power BI online

A website where you can see, analyse, and share your dashboards and reports. This is an integral part of Office 365.

Power BI desktop

A locally installed program for super-user/analysts to go in-depth with the data and create their own new reports.

Power BI apps

The mobile version enables you to view dashboards and reports on your phone or tablet - and it is available for iOS, Android and Windows phones.

Power BI API

Makes it possible to intergrate to/from own applications in real-time.

Connect all your services. In minutes

Power BI allows you to connect more than 200 data sources such as Google Analytics, SalesForce, Microsoft CRM, Zendesk, MailChimp, etc. It's quick and easy to connect them - regardless of the type of data or where it is.

Power BI provides benefits to all

Whether you work in finance or marketing, you will love Power BI. You can convert data into easily understandable reports in less than 5 minutes.


Get a quick overview of your company's financial performance, earnings, costs and profitability. Power Bi makes it easy to collect and analyse data from many sources that you can easily translate into visual reports to share with management.


With Power BI, you can improve your forecast and see where there is potential to increase profitability per sale. Power Bi can talk with your company's CRM system and give you an overview of your sales setup in seconds.


Sitting with data from e.g campaigns, social media and online marketing? With Power BI, you can easily collect your data and get the big picture. It makes it easy to analyse your marketing activities so you always know where your budget is spent.


Get better overview of your HR activities such as employee development towards agreed goals and initiatives on employee retention. With Power BI, you can easily collect and monitor all the important employee data that makes HR work easier.


With Power BI, you can increase productivity and bring together all of the company's data network services, applications and security in one place. And with Power BI's smart dashboards, you can effectively monitor everything from your company's AD to Zendesk.

For everyone in the company

Get a unified data overview in one place and turn data into valuable knowledge. With Power BI for example, you can combine data from production and distribution, and view performance trends and resource requirements.

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