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Remote Backup

Is it your responsibility to backup all your business data? Would you like to avoid having to worry about it?

With remote backup (online backup) with Everyday IT Superheroes, you get a backup of all corporate data. Every day. No need to worry. Or spend time on it.

We make sure that all your data is automatically sent out-of-house to our highly secure server facilities - through the internet. Data is encrypted before transmission, so no one else can see it.

Remote Backup also provides security and lower operating costs. Remote Backup avoids tape and media errors that may result in files that the company can not recreate. You do not need to worry whether backup tapes are stored securely enough. All your data is highly secure with us.

User-friendly administration

  • The program is in Danish and has a simple and understandable interface

  • Restoration of files can be achieved via online web administration

  • Daily e-mail reports are sent with the status of the recent backup

  • The program is (largely) independent of platform

Lower operating costs

  • No investment in your own expensive backup server, tape drives or tapes

  • No costs for server and backup software/licenses

  • No cost of backup maintenance

  • A fixed monthly cost - depending on the desired storage

  • Save the hours that the company's IT department or external IT provider would otherwise have to spend on service/maintenance

  • No major spending on the internet, as the system supports differential backup files

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