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Microsoft SharePoint

Empower your company's document management. And makes it easier to collaborate - regardless of location or system.

What is Microsoft SharePoint?

Microsoft SharePoint is a portal solution that is designed for collaboration. Created to share documents and work across locations. Created to simplify and automate your business processes. In short: Microsoft SharePoint says goodbye to the shared drive and hello to a new way of working together.

Document handling

Document management is one of the core areas of Microsoft SharePoint. The purpose is to support work processes with better storing and organising of documents. SharePoint provides a wide range of document management functions that make it easy to store, organise and find documents. Moreover the system protects all documents from unauthorised access or use.


With Microsoft SharePoint, you can add power to your business processes. The processes are controlled by a set of rules within the system, ensuring that the documents reach the right people through a predefined workflow. You will find that this not only streamlines work processes - but also improves the quality of work.


A good search can be one of the most central elements of a system used in your business. Share Point's search function is a versatile search tool that opens up many different search settings, so you can quickly and easily find the files with the information you need  – even when the file is large or broad.

Take advantage of the social opportunities

There are many social possibilities with Microsoft SharePoint: Share ideas, keep track of what your colleagues are working on, find answers to your questions, create community sites or share content with both internal and external partners. SharePoint is packed with exciting social features such as news feeds, communities and MySite. We would also like to help you integrate with LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media.

Integration and Business Intelligence

Microsoft SharePoint is ideal if you want to dive into your company's data. You can analyse and visualise your data through Excel  – and use Microsoft SharePoint to distribute the KPIs, reports and visualisations you create. We find that there is so much unused data in companies' existing systems. And it can be of great value to visualise this information and manage the data in one place.

Why ask us about Microsoft SharePoint?

We find that Microsoft SharePoint is an important platform that can help your staff with better cooperation, more structure and easier access to relevant information. And we are convinced that Microsoft SharePoint can create value for (almost) all companies. 

We dare to call ourselves Microsoft SharePoint specialists. We have over 10 years of experience with the system behind us. We know every nook and cranny - and we can master all the possibilities and limitations. Always to the advantage of your business.

We first became really excited about SharePoint with the 2013 version, but today we will not hesitate to recommend it.

Operation and Support

Support and maintenance

Microsoft SharePoint handles typical business-critical processes. Therefore, the value of a well-functioning solution can be great. It requires an ongoing effort. You must namely: assign rights, define access, install security updates, launch new initiatives - and you must ensure that the platform is always up and running. It can be difficult to find an employee who can master SharePoint. Therefore, we would like to run the solution for you.

At home or in the cloud?

Microsoft SharePoint can be installed and run in several ways. It can be in your company, in Microsoft's "Office 365" cloud or hosted with us. Wherever you prefer, we will advise you and help with the configuration, development, support, etc.

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We get SharePoint to fit your business

Get a Microsoft SharePoint solution that perfectly fits your business needs and workflows. This can save you both time and money. Our SharePoint specialists always think business before solution. So you are sure to get a solution that is optimal for your particular business.

Microsoft SharePoint workshops

Want to get started (or continue) with Microsoft SharePoint in your company?

We offer six different workshops, each of which delves into a given area. As with all of our workshops, we take an approach based on your business and outline valuable solutions that fit your existing workflow.

You can read more about our workshops here.

Intro to Microsoft SharePoint

Many companies use SharePoint for simple and isolated tasks, such as internal news. Few know the possibilities for collaboration, workflows and communication - and fewer yet exploit them optimally. In this workshop, you will get a broad overview of the functionality in Microsoft SharePoint. We focus on how the selected areas can create value for your company.

Download the brochure here

Document Management in SharePoint

Many use Microsoft SharePoint for document storage - but few take advantage of opportunities to collaborate on document writing optimally. With template management, version management, online editing, sampling and review processes, Microsoft SharePoint is a fully digital collaboration platform that ensures that everyone works on the same document and that you can never overwrite the latest version. In this workshop, you will get a full overview of all functionality for document management in Microsoft SharePoint.

Download the brochure here

Microsoft SharePoint Governance

An important area that is often given low priority when talking about Microsoft SharePoint is the business-oriented governance. That's a shame. Because thorough, rooted governance processes ensure the necessary managerial and organisational focus. With a Microsoft SharePoint solution you can therefore support the company's goals - both in the implementation process and through subsequent operation. This will potentially increase the quality satisfaction and efficiency within the organisation.

Download the brochure here

Project management and external cooperation

Few understand how to use Microsoft Share Point opportunities to structure, or get an overview and follow-up of their project. And even fewer are aware that Microsoft SharePoint can be established as a platform for digital project cooperation to which external partners can be invited. With Microsoft Share Point, your business gets a digital collaboration tool, where document versions can always be tracked. And where all project information is in one place.

Download the brochure here

Search in Microsoft SharePoint

A good search tool is essential when the company collects important information, documents and policies etc. in a Microsoft SharePoint solution. Yet there are many who do not know Microsoft Share Point's comprehensive search capabilities, and who lack the basic knowledge to implement proper, uniform search solutions.

Download the brochure here

Workflows in Microsoft SharePoint

Very few companies use the opportunity to put power into their workflows with Microsoft SharePoint. In that way there are many who lose the opportunity to streamline and improve work quality. Perhaps this applies to your business? You can achieve great benefits with Microsoft SharePoint, if your company has many workflows that are repeated - and with one or more approvals along the way.

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