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Get an IT partner who takes (co) responsibility. To optimise and digitise

Always with respect and benefit for your business

Your challenges. Your options. Your IT solutions. The focal point of our partnership is your business. That's why we always start by analysing the areas where IT can release your growth potential.

Need a strategic business partner?

Get scalable and agile solutions

Get proactivity and act before your competitors do

Get security for compliance

Get governance incorporated into all processes

Get an IT partner with respect and effect for your business

Get real change and financial improvements

Get access to +450 IT Superheroes - call 24/7

Execution versus theorising

It's not that you shouldn't think twice. It's just that you can often spend so long thinking that you end up acting too late. Or not at all. With us you will discover the No Problem culture. A culture that has an extraordinary focus on simplification and execution.

That's why we call ourselves Everyday IT Superheroes.

Is your IT strategy releasing your company's full potential?

If in doubt, we will help you map out your potential. We ask the questions and find out if the answers are obvious. It could be questions like:

When did …

  • check … you last perform a reality-check on what IT should cost in a business similar to yours?
  • check … you last experience that your IT infrastructure restricts you from turning business ideas into reality?
  • check ​… you last look at your IT organisation and assess whether a person is so essential that you could not run the company should that person suddenly be absent?
  • check ​… you last review your IT policies and processes to ensure GDPR compliance?

How is …

  • check … the prioritisation of your IT budget in relation to securing  IT development?
  • check … your company's IT geared to meet commercial initiatives?
  • check ​… the willingness to adapt in your IT department in relation to changing business requirements?
  • check ​… your business placed if key people in your IT department should leave?
  • check ​… your business secured in the event of a data breach or data leakage?
  • check ​… the availability of your IT department? Is your phone answered 24/7?

What …

  • check … does IT mean for your company - how dependent are you on IT? and what does it cost to be "down"?
  • check … do you do to ensure that documentation and processes are anchored in systems, so that you are, on the whole, independent of people?
  • check ​… are your compliance efforts in the IT area? And is it sufficient in relation to increased EU requirements, audit statements, etc.?

Which …

  • check … thoughts have you done in relation to IT outsourcing?
  • check … primary reasons are there to outsource? financial rationale? Agility and scalability? Person-independence? Compliance and governance?

Numbers don't paint the whole picture. But perhaps more than 1000 words.

We are at 6 locations

Everyday IT Superheroes are close to you. Also geographically. We are here for you and your business. Just give us a call if you want us to drop by.

We operate in 55 countries

We are accustomed to working across time zones. And with companies that have branches all over the world. Digitisation makes it easy.

We support 75,000 users

Through +25 years we have solved IT challenges for more than 75,000 users. We rely on this experience to solve your next IT challenge. 

We are +480 IT Superheroes

Large enough to be among the very best. And small enough to be present. This is essential for an IT partnership.

Here is (our) best practice for IT governance

Collaboration organisation

We play to you and your team's strengths, which is where your skills and resources lie. And provide you with sparring and specialists, where we can add value. Always with a clear division of responsibilities.

Client Manager

You and your team will have a fixed Client Manager, working proactively on your behalf. You can always call. And you will meet often to discuss cases and improvement initiatives.

Dedicated delivery team

We put together a team of dedicated IT specialists, all with an in-depth business insight. You get access to fixed contacts in IT operations and a Service Desk 24/7.

Compliance and certifications

We set high standards for work processes and certifications, ensuring that everything in an IT partnership with us is performed in accordance with compliance requirements.


Documentation and reporting is essential to ensuring the quality of our efforts. You can follow regularly and get a weekly status.

All the way round your company's IT

Take your business to the cloud

Hosting solution that supports ERP

Updating the current IT environment

24/7 support worldwide

IT security

Compliance and governance

5 benefits of an enterprise-partnership

One dedicated partner team

We put together a team of experienced IT specialists to match your IT needs. So you always have a team around you who knows your solution and your business. This ensures optimum operation and further development.

Agility and scalability

Our approach to IT outsourcing is agile. You can scale your IT infrastructure up and down as your business requires it. And we can quickly add new technology. This ensures adaptability.

IT with effect for your business

We have an extraordinary focus on your business. It's always about how we can create maximum business value with IT. It's the bottom line that counts.

Available - 24/07

At night, during the summer holidays and the moment the IT challenge arises. For us it means an IT partnership, you can always get hold of us. We occasionally take time off, but we have +450 IT Superheroes to draw on. 

Professionalism at all levels

Effective governance is a prerequisite for successful deliveries. Our IT governance model ensures clear processes and responsibilities. So we can always ensure that our IT efforts meet business strategies.

Want to talk about how we can grow your business with IT?

We can meet at your place or ours. Let's talk about how IT outsourcing can create value for your business.

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