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Procurement Agreement for IT Operations in Public Organisations

SKI-Framework Agreements Provide Good Terms for You as a Public Institution

A framework agreement is a procurement agreement that you, as a public institution, can use to purchase standard goods in large quantities. This also applies to computers, software and IT consulting.

When you purchase your goods within a SKI Framework Agreement, you can be absolutely sure that your goods and services have been put out to tender. By other words: You end up with the best offer and you do not have to go through a time-consuming procurement process yourself.

Your Benefits:

You save money on purchases of standard products

You save time and resources by avoiding demanding procurement processes

You are sure that your purchase agreements comply with applicable requirements and standards

Here You Can Enter an SKI Framework Agreement with IT Relation

IT Relation has been awarded a seat in a part of the latest SKI Framework Agreement 02.22, which deals with IT operations. This means that you, as a public institution, can enter framework agreements with IT Relation in the following areas: 

Platform Services

  • check Application Management
  • check Server Management
  • check Managed Public Cloud
  • check Virtual Desktop as-a-Service
  • check Mail as-a-Service
  • check Database as-a-Service
  • check Backup as-a-Service

Infrastructure Services

  • check Server as-a-Service
  • check Virtualisation as-aSservice
  • check Storage Capacity

End User Devices

  • check End User Devices as a Service
  • check Managed End User Devices (Vendo's or client's own equipment)
  • check Mobile Device Management

Network Services

  • check Managed LAN
  • check Firewall as-a-Service
  • check VPN as-a-Service
  • check Wifi as-a-Service
  • check Add-on Services:
    Level Support
    Consultancy Support

IT Solutions for Everyone. Also Public Institutions

IT Outsourcing

Does your IT department use all their time to solve small ad hoc tasks? Instead, leave IT operations and IT infrastructure to us, and get more out of your internal resources.

IT Hosting

Hosting provides freedom, flexibility and agility to achieve your institution's digital potential. And we can always scale your hosting solution up and down as needed.

IT Security

IT Security is important. Not least in the public sector, which often deals with personal information of the citizens. We help you optimize IT security.

Service Desk 24/7

Your IT department probably has more important task than providing support to your users. Our service desk is ready to help you and your users – even at 11 p.m.

Digital Transformation

Ultimately, Digital Transformation is about doing things smarter, so you can use your resources in the best possible way for the benefit of the citizens.

IT Equipment

The right IT equipment is not necessarily the newest (and the most expensive one). We look at what makes sense for you, so the value ends up being greater than the cost. 

Our "No Problem" Culture

We’re a strong collective of individualists with different skills. But we all share the same “It’s No Problem” culture, where the ability to put action after thought is what we focus on. It is not what is written on paper. It’s the actual changes and improvements we make in everyday life that make a difference. And it’s this that makes us smile.

That's why we call ourselves Everyday IT Superheroes.

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