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Get your IT up and running. Immediately. No chitchat.

We’re immediately right on it. We’ve always got full implementation in mind.

Fed up that your IT challenges are not being solved? It's not anyone's fault. Too few hours in the day? Or maybe too much to do?  We’re totally focused on getting things done. Both in practice and in everyday life. We take care of the IT challenges you’re facing.  Right here. Right now.

Do you need a ready-to-use solution?

We can help you figure that out. With a ready-to-use solution, you get:

An IT infrastructure as a service – pay-as-you-go

A scalable IT setup your business can grow with

Access to IT specialists who can help you right here, right now

All at a great price because we take advantage of economies of scale

And we focus on rapid implementation rather than theories and chitchat

Our IT Superheroes can help you:

IT support 24/7


Hardware and software

Security and antivirus


Office 365

Setting up IT equipment and network equipment

Cloud-based document library and archive

Wireless network

Smile. It’s us!

We’re a strong collective of individualists with different skills. But we all share the same “It’s No Problem” culture, where the ability to put action after thought is what we focus on. It is not what is written on paper. It’s the actual changes and improvements we make in everyday life that make a difference.  And it’s this that makes us smile.

That's why we call ourselves “Everyday IT Superheroes”.

5 benefits of a Ready-to-Use Solution

Quick launch - within 1-2 weeks

Our approach is to keep the process short. We immediately focus on what’s needed and the set-up. We take care of smaller issues as we go along. Either over the phone or onsite at your premises. Our goal is to always deliver within 1-2 weeks.

Sleep soundly - We’ll handle the IT

“What happens if?” “It’s not working!” IT issues should not slow down your business. When you hire us to take care of your IT,  it’s our responsibility that everything works. Even after 4 PM.

Get the Elite IT guy in for advice

You don’t have to be a big fish to get access to heavy-weight professional IT Consultants. The experience and skills we’ve got from complex tasks benefits everyone – including businesses like yours.

Respect for your business - always

We’re here to ensure IT has a positive impact on your business. It always starts with us showing respect for your business. Your IT needs come first. And the IT solution comes afterwards. Always.

Figuring your IT costs - month by month

IT budgets can often be a surprise. A negative one!  Therefore we make an "all inclusive" arrangement with no hidden add-ons tailor-made for your business. You will be billed every month. And you can always increase or lower your budget on a monthly basis.

Simple process:
1-2-3 Off we go!

We're talking about your company’s IT needs

Although you IT-needs might be right-here, right now, we kick off with a (quick) chat about your business. We want to ensure that the solution will improve your business.

We then put together an effective solution

And at this point, we’re not far from moving from discussions to implementation.  As soon as possible, we put into action what we’ve agreed with a scalable IT-solution that won’t restrict you and won’t tie you in.

Quick delivery - rapid implementation

Speed ​​is also a key parameter for us. Our approach is to solve any right here, right now issues immediately. And we always strive to ensure delivery within a maximum of 2 weeks.

3 questions that we get. Time and time again

How fast can we be up and running?

Usually you can be up and running in just a couple of weeks. We usually solve simple issues immediately or on the very same day. Possibly by phone.

Where is my data and how do I get it back?

It depends on the nature of the task. Typically, your data is either stored in one of our Danish data centres or Microsoft Azure’s cloud. You always own your own data. It’s regulated by law as to how and when you’re entitled to access your data. It is an essential element of our cooperation.

What does it cost us to get extra help?

Our hourly rate is 1425 kr. But we also offer a competitively-priced range of ongoing service agreements and support options.  Even if it’s heavy-weight professional IT Consultants who are on the job!

Do you need a simple IT setup that your business can grow with?

Let's talk about how we can help you get started. Quickly and efficiently.

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