Based on our certifications we guarantee that we focus our efforts on various initiatives within the fields of quality and safety which are important to you as our customer.

The Hosting Certificate

The Hosting Certificate is a quality stamp which can only be used by IT hosts who have taken part in the trade association BFIH’s certification process.

We are approved for the Hosting Certificate, which means that we live up to the 6 different requirements of the certification:

  • check Secure services
  • check Transparent agreements
  • check Contribution to National IT security
  • check Financial resilience
  • check Coverage
  • check Information about the quality mark on the member's home page

See our Hosting Certificate here

ISAE 3402 certified, type 2

Impartial guarantee of information security of your IT operations.

We have an ISAE 3402 Audit Statement. It is a professional validation that demonstrates and guarantees that we have control of our operation, self-checking, security, expertise, procedures and finances.

Annual independent control

The certification involves testing the controls indicated by the statement. A control which has to be carried out every year by an independent Chartered Accountant whose area of specialisation is IT audit.

The Chartered Accountant performs an annual audit and completes the statement afterwards. During the audit of our data centre the auditor goes through our network, monitoring, protection against fire, water, power cut, access security and backup among other things.

You can see our latest statement here: Audit Report, 2016 

This was drawn up in October 2016 and is a Type 2 statement covering the period between the 1st October 2015 and the 30th September 2016. The next version is expected to be available at the beginning of December 2017.