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KAPOW Academy

We will grow. And grow…

Since 2010, we have tribled the number of Everyday IT superheroes. Are you going to be next?

You are very important to us

We select gifted employees who celebrate job satisfaction and who are excited about our customers having success. Our primary task is to generate business for our customers. And we make sure that we can accomplish this task by taking on your type of employee who has the abilities to connect IT with business.

Job vacancies

Would you like to become one of the Everyday IT superheroes? Have a look at our job postings and try to find out whether you are passionate about working with us. If yes? Apply for a job right away. 
Please note that the job postings are in Danish and it is a requirement that you speak Danish.

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You can get an apprenticeship in our company

Start up your work life within the field of IT with a trainee program which gives you all the most important tools for a future job as an IT-supporter, an IT-consultant or as a head of IT-operations. You will be participating in a course together with our 26 other trainees. This course is a mixing between theory and practice. Among other things you will receive 3 months of training in IT-systems, how to gain an insight into customers and service at our own KAPOW Academy.

Trust is one of the things which I value highly at IT Relation. I have been thrown into the tasks and have had someone behind me  – and I was given a free rein to solve the challenges myself. I am allowed to handle many different types of tasks. This means that there is a good variety of the assignments in a working day.

– Thor Bertelsen
Support Specialist Trainee, Service Desk

Being a trainee at IT Relation does not just mean that you are challenged professionally. It also means that you will quickly strike up some great friendships among the other colleagues. The fact is that many events have been arranged after hours  – and this is where you can easily get into conversation with colleagues who you do not work with every day. It strengthens your working morale when you arrive at work in order to co-operate with people with whom you actually get on well.

– Simon Lund Hougesen
Support Specialist Trainee, Service Desk

KAPOW Academy is rewarding when you are a trainee. It is of immense importance to be a part of a course with other trainees. The possibility of having a dialogue with each other rather than keeping it to yourself, allows for better learning. In addition to professional capability you also get a good fellowship with the other trainees at the KAPOW Academy.

– Peder Agerbo Frederiksen
Support Specialist Trainee, Service Desk

Up till today all the trainees have been offered a job within our company

— Kristine Brødsgaard Axelsen, Recruitment


KAPOW Academy

Vitamins for the brain

We often refuel with new knowledge and further training. At our (in-house) KAPOW Academy you will be trained by both internal and external teachers. Among other things you will also have the opportunity to specialise in IT products and new technologies.

KAPOW Academy

This is a jolly place

We also use our KAPOW Academy as a gathering point for lectures and activities with social purposes such as food and lifestyle. As an employee you will experience that we guard your health and job satisfaction.

Our company might be the right workplace for you!

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