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Cloud hosting

With cloud hosting, you will not have to worry about your company's data. It is our responsibility.

The benefits of a cloud hosting solution are clearly visible. Increased productivity, higher security and lower costs are just three examples of what your company can get out of a cloud solution. Cloud hosting is no longer just for large companies. It is for virtually all types of companies - regardless of size and industry.

What is cloud hosting?

Let's start by demystifying cloud hosting. It is not as complicated as you might think. Cloud hosting (hosting in the cloud, or cloud computing, as it is sometimes called) means virtual data centers, where you buy and store all your company's IT services  – everything from programs to computing power and storage capacity.

Cloud hosting is therefore a form of IT outsourcing, where your IT is moved "out-of-house" and you get an outside partner to take care of it. IT outsourcing takes away your responsibility and releases resources for the company.

Our cloud service is focused on making a solution that fits the individual company as much as possible. It helps to provide our customers with both freedom and security.

Why cloud hosting?

Your company can save significant costs with cloud hosting. With a hosted cloud solution, your business only pays for the server space you use (cloud storage) - no more, no less. And if you suddenly need more or fewer IT services, cloud hosting gives you the opportunity to scale the solution up or down according to business needs.

The unique advantage lies in the flexibility and scalability you achieve with cloud hosting compared to a traditional data centre with physical servers, storage etc. Your company decides on the precise amount of cloud storage (server room), which can be customised to your company. With cloud hosting, your business also avoids having to maintain servers and replace parts that break. All in all, the cloud is an advantage for most businesses. The unique flexibility in terms of cloud storage makes it possible to tailor a perfect cloud solution for your business.

In short, cloud hosting gives you new ways of doing business.

5 advantages of cloud hosting

  1. Scalability - scale your cloud services up or down as required. In that way you avoid paying for resources you are not using.
  2. Always have access to your IT services (data, documents and applications) - any time, anywhere - from any device with internet access. That is good cloud service.
  3. Get access to the latest IT (latest applications and systems) - all cloud services are constantly updated and maintained in the cloud.
  4. Get stability with cloud hosting - you never have to worry about downtime, and will quickly recover if anything happens.
  5. Get IT security guaranteed by a certified supplier that is both BFIH- and ISAE 3402 Type 2 certified.

Why choose Everyday IT Superheroes for cloud hosting?

You are in safe hands when you choose a hosted cloud solution with us. That is not just something we say. We are certified to use the Hosting mark. It is a quality stamp which means we have documented control of the business. We live up to the strict requirements, including operations, security, competence and finance of the trade association (BFIH).

With us, you do not just get security. You also get a customised cloud solution with the ability to scale the amount of cloud storage up or down. A solution that is created from the cloud-based benefits that provide the most value for your business.

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