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Whilst new technologies are forever appearing on the scene, one thing stays the same: it is people who make it possible to build the IT of the future. At IT Relation, you will have recourse to 750 specialists, who are ready to support your business objectives through IT.

Do you really know your partner?

Appropriate IT solutions are possible only if your partner knows you and your needs. They must be clear about where you are heading. They must be someone you can count on when things don’t go quite as planned. IT relation is just such a partner.

Over more than 20 years, we have helped companies – both major league and small enterprise – to digitise their businesses. Of course, you must have the right technology; but this counts for little, if there isn't trust and mutual respect between you and your IT partner.

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We cultivate relationships

We insist on getting to know you and your company. Your objectives, your challenges and your ambitions. How else could we develop the digital solutions that move the business forward? 

This is why IT Relation gives you access to a permanent team of specialists who will be close to you and your team. You can expect a dialogue that is open and pragmatic. Experience tells us that this is the key to pairing your needs with strong solutions – and eliminating problems before they arise.

Part of a large family

Just as we wish to create close relationships with customers and partners, so we benefit from strong family backing, too.

IT Relation is part of the itm8 family, comprising over 1,700 employees in the companies Mentor IT, Sotea, Improsec, Miracle 42, Emineo, Copenhagen Software, Me’ning, Progressive, Cloud Teams, AddPro, and Cenvation. And this family is expanding on an ongoing basis, as we pinpoint companies with whom there is a good chance of cultivating relationships.

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“I’m impressed and I look forward to cooperating further. A big thank you to Steen and, not least, Martin for being in control of the process – and to the technicians whom I haven't met, but who I know have done a super job. Thanks to all involved for delivering a fantastic service”.

Ole Marker, Association of Danish Dentists

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