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IT outsourcing

7 (really good) reasons for IT outsourcing with us

Business understanding that makes a difference

Does your inbox explode with invitations from IT companies with tempting offers? You know you need to act  – you just do not know how? If you outsource your company's IT to us, we will analyse your IT from two perspectives: commercially and technically. We identify where it pays to optimise and improve, and a Solution Architect will always ensure that the solution is technically viable.

Agile and quick response

How fast does your business respond when new technologies and markets with commercial potential appear? Our approach to IT outsourcing is agile. You get a "time-to-market" solution, and we can tune your IT services up or down on a monthly basis. New technology can be quickly implemented, and we can add new resources in peak periods. It makes your business agile.

Get more out of your IT

Does your IT department use most of its time ensuring stable IT operations? Your resources are often better spent on innovation and IT development in areas that add value to your business. Leaving your IT operations and IT infrastructure to us releases your resources. Resources that we will gladly help you translate into valuable IT development.

Thomas Møller Jensen

Sales Manager

Thomas Møller Jensen

IT security that supports your business

Are you unsure whether your company is optimally protected against new IT threats? Our approach to IT security is strategic. We analyse and risk-assess your business first. Our specialists uncover markets for the best security solutions and provide them with scalability. In this way we can make sure that you get an IT security solution that protects your business optimally. More on IT security

Here are three more reasons why IT outsourcing with us is an advantage

Fixed, low IT expenditures. Also in 24 months

Does you company’s IT budget tend to surprise you? When you enter into an agreement with us, we make an "all inclusive" arrangement that suits your business model. We make a thorough analysis, so that we can guarantee you a monthly bill that keeps to the agreed budget. Every month. It provides predictability and makes it easier to economise on your IT resources.

Painless migration without downtime

Are you concerned about the transfer when considering IT outsourcing? For us, painless migration is also a criterion of success. Therefore, we describe everything we have agreed down to the smallest detail. We hold planning meetings with you and build the IT environment gradually. Along the way, we take backups of all your data and test selected users. The final "cut-over" is typically done in a weekend, and you can count on minimal downtime.

Get IT support 24/7  – even when the IT Manager is on holiday

Does your IT Manager ever take a holiday without being disturbed? Server crashes, computers that do not work and security threats. Our solution for you when you outsource your IT to us. You and your employees can access IT support, 24/7. Every day. All year round. It makes your company less vulnerable and allows your IT Manager to take a holiday. More about IT support 24/7

Always for your business convenience

If you ask us, IT outsourcing is about more than server capacity and new technology. It is about how we can optimise your business.

Large enough to be competitive.
Small enough to be present.

When you are our customer, you are not just one of many case numbers. Whoever you are, you get access to business-oriented IT specialists. We always consider IT from a business-critical perspective, and ensure that your business will never be held hostage by technology.

We will also be around next year

Looking for a solution that lasts? Since 1990, we have optimised hundreds of companies with IT. It has made us a 4x Gazelle Company.

Fantastic support

Constant access to IT support. 24 hours a day. Every day. All year round. Our response to you and your employees’ IT challenges is “no problem”.

Business before solution

We always analyse your business before we talk about solutions. It gives us the best basis to make a difference for your business.









Part of the good company

You do not get certifications automatically. You have to qualify for them. Year after year. This is why we work hard every day. So that you are guaranteed solutions that always meet strict quality and safety requirements. More about our certifications

We felt that there was good chemistry. IT Relation understood our business and could familiarise themselves with the issues we had. This is why we chose them. 

— Jesper Brix, President and CEO of Bramming Plast-Industri

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7 questions about IT outsourcing that we have heard before

How do we avoid conflicts with third-party vendors?

We are used to work with ERP houses, IT production specialists and other system vendors. We often conduct collaborative workshops with third-party vendors. In this way, we ensure that everyone is always working to create value for your business.

How do we get out of the contract if we are not satisfied?

You can always get out of the contract if we, against expectations, do not comply with the agreement. If we do not live up to the SLA (Service Level Agreement), you can get out of the agreement free of charge. If the reason is due to circumstances in your business, we are solution-oriented so you can move on painlessly.

What can we do if our company reduces by 50% in 2 years?

You can always scale the IT agreement up or down when there are changes in your business. You get a flexible solution where it is possible to upgrade and downgrade your capacity - and expand or narrow your IT infrastructure. Everything in our agreement can be adapted to your company's changing needs. It is very flexible for your business.

We have doubts over whether you can handle the outsourcing task.

You can always rely on our 27 years of experience. That is easy for us to say. So we give you the opportunity to test us before you make a decision. For example, you start by giving us responsibility for the operation of your company's servers for 12 months  – either in our hosting centre or in your company. Then you know what you are getting into. More about hosting

Will we lose our overview when we give up sovereignty?

We always give you an overview. Everything is transparent. You and your IT Manager can login to our customer portal. Here you can get a complete overview of everything your agreement entails - from open and closed cases to invoices and monthly statistics. Knowledge that you can use to optimise your IT infrastructure.

Who solves our IT problems when we do not have IT support?

You always have the opportunity to get IT support. During the first period of time after migration, our IT support are physically present at your company (also called On-Site Service). We ensure that everything runs as it should - and that neither you nor your employees have IT problems.

You also have the opportunity to make a Service Desk deal where you and your employees can get IT support 24/7  – throughout the year. Via remote support, your business can get help with anything from setting up a new site to configuring a Firewall. It can save your business many IT resources. More about Service Desk 24/7

How can we ensure that you are the right supplier for the job?

For us, trust is vital for a fruitful collaboration. Therefore, an outsourcing cooperation starts with a close dialogue where we get to know each other. We always maintain a business approach to IT, and will only solve the task if it adds value to your business.

You also have the opportunity to test us in practice before you opt for a bigger solution. We can, for example, create an IT audit or IT preliminary analysis of your business. It will show you the status of your IT situation. At the same time, it will give you an insight into who we are and how we can help you grow your business with IT.

Are you thinking about outsourcing your IT?

Let's talk about how IT outsourcing can create value for your business.

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