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Henrik Abildtrup Thisgaard

Client Manager, IT Relation

Søren Kejlhof

Vice President, Leasing Fyn Bank

When the demands on your business change, IT services must be on the ball – and sometimes even ahead of the game. It is difficult if you are tied to legacy systems, lack specialists and are faced with an ever more complex cloud landscape.

With us at your side, you can react faster when new technologies appear and opportunities for growth arise. Forget the burden of old platforms and step into a world of new possibilities that match your current needs.

How much down time can you afford?

Business processes are being digitised – and the change is happening fast.  For this reason, you are more and more dependent on the robustness of central systems. After all, what is the cost if the customer's goods do not leave on time? How many orders are lost if your web shop is slow? How can money arrive on the account if the invoicing system fails and forgets to send the right bills? Just look at the bottom line, as well as customer satisfaction, for the answer.

Make your business more resilient

When you let IT Relation take the responsibility for critical solutions, you minimise your risks: you will be upgraded to a high level of security, have access to our proven processes and be on a fast track to a tried and tested standard of operations that cover by far the majority of companies' needs. This means that you will be ready to react to your customer's needs. It also means that you will have a far more stable and resilient business.

Outsourcing and managed services – the best of several worlds!

Hybrid cloud opens more doors

It is a good idea to place your business-critical solutions on platforms that correspond best to your business goals. This you can do with ‘hybrid cloud’, which allows optimal opportunities for controlling your investments, scaling up and down when needed, and reacting more quickly.

Be assured of a resource that is always at your disposal

The finding, retention and training of internal IT specialists is a full-time job. But is it time well-spent? Perhaps your time would be better spent on developing the business, rather than on making timetables for surveillance. When you transfer the responsibility to specialists in our security preparedness department, we are always on hand. Twenty-four hours a day. Including Sundays.

Tame the technological legacy

Old systems whose support contracts have lapsed need tinkering with in order to stay relevant. The trouble with tinkering is that it tends to become somewhat messy after a while. And none of the time you spend closing gaps can be used to develop new business. Together, we can make plans for building platforms geared to the business of the future.

Lay the foundations for digital transformation

Customers move. Businesses move. Employees and jobs move. All the time. Only if your fundamental systems are properly anchored can you address these challenges. Access to sparring, new knowledge and the right platforms is a determining factor in being able to keep pace with the people you deal with.

Maintaining compliance is complicated

Strict requirements for governance and compliance-checking are no longer the preserve of financial institutions. Both your customers and the authorities require documentation to show that procedures, data security and integration are up to scratch.

But irrespective of whether the compliance requirements you must adhere to come from legislation, from your customers, or from your own policies, it is not possible to live up to them without being able to document follow-up and adherence to the rules that, for example, authorities or auditors lay down. 

Put your mind at rest. Our certifications and procedures mean that together, we can improve your standards in the areas of documentation and reporting. In this way, you will be in control of every single program; you will also be able to extend confidence in your security measures to your customers and partners.

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A business-oriented supply model

Outsourcing is about providing you with more stability and security in all your IT concerns. In the interests of the business. But it is also about the way we develop together. It is about understanding each other in a way that allows us to help you attain your objectives and meet your demands with new solutions.

We will supply the reports, robust documentation and access to the right specialists and decision-makers. This can make all the difference. But we are also keen to help you determine how best to protect your business, as well as the most efficient way to integrate containers, micro services or DevOps in your architecture.

“We felt that the chemistry was good. IT Relation understood our company and was able to take ownership of our problems. That's why we chose them”.

Michael Bo Andersen, IT Project Manager at Bramming Plast-Industri

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