Only when you have a good Relationship can you ask difficult questions

Jan Stig Jørgensen

Sales Manager, IT Relation

Martin Garbrecht Damm

Head of Technology/CTO, Løgismose Meyers

Almost anyone can build strong IT solutions. But only a few can build a meaningful relationship between IT and the business. To succeed in the latter, we combine technical know-how with an understanding of the business, empathy, honesty and a high level of service. We call this ‘Closer to Customers’ – and it's our promise to you.

We are Closer to Customers

It's very simple. We believe that strong solutions depend on even stronger relationships. This is why we insist on understanding you and your company. On understanding your objectives, challenges and ambitions. How else could we build solutions that make a difference?

What does this mean for you?


Trust is something we earn – delivery after delivery. Year after year.


Adding value is something we expect of ourselves – not something you have to ask for.


An open dialogue is the key to raising your business's profile – with the right solutions and people.

Not problems, but solutions

‘No Problem’ is the basis of our cultural creed and one that all employees are focused on. From Client Managers, through solutions architects, to our helpful support staff. This combines a unique approach to executing the job, and an extraordinary ability for development as well as the resolution of IT tasks. You can be sure of carefully thought-out solutions and proactive action.

No Problem. Two small words that say a lot about who we are. We help each other help our customers. Seeing solutions rather than problems improves our work and makes business life more enjoyable

‘No Problem’ is the point of departure for everything we do


Keep to your promises


Say ‘Yes’ with a smile


Make your colleagues better


Make IT simple


Understand the customer's business


Think like a leader

We dare to think slowly and act quickly

If IT is down, so is the business. This is why we think very carefully when we are developing your digital solution. Our experience has shown that the right processes and governance models make all the difference in the prevention of errors and problems. It is also true that, at times, the right solution may involve meticulous care and time.

This said, we know that challenges may arise. That is the nature of IT. And that is why we are ready to act swiftly when you need help. In this way we ensure that your IT systems always provide for your business needs.

Let us explain more about ourselves – and what we can do for you

We want to be close enough to your business to understand when you need to ask a question – and when you need an answer.

Let us help you move forward

Contact us today – our specialists are ready to talk about your options.

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Sales Manager

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Lasse Staunstrup Lassen