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How you could benefit from handing over IT security to us

IT security at business level

Does the IT security in your business support your business aims? When you co-operate with us on IT security, the approach is strategic. We always start by identifying the level of business-critical data and applications. When we know the level, we develop an IT security solution that is optimal for your business. To us, it is always a matter of creating the right balance between business goals and level of risk.

Jonas Laustrup

Solutions Architect

Jonas Laustrup

Optimal monitoring 24/7

Are your company’s IT systems and servers monitored well enough? If you leave the responsibility to us, you will get proactive monitoring of over 30 parameters per server. Based on tendencies in our monitoring, we can for example predict when resource problems will occur. We also like to monitor your network 24/7 and ensure that you have always optimum access to data. And we always respond immediately to the slightest suspicion.

Certified in IT security

Is your IT staff more generalists than specialists? With us, you gain access to an army of certified IT security specialists dedicated exclusively to optimising  IT security. Every day. All year round. IT specialists, asking you all the business-critical questions. And that builds up the necessary level of security to ensure that your IT environment is always available when you need it  – and that your data is in safe hands.

More benefits of handing over the IT security to us

Getting ahead of computer crime

Are you doubtful of whether your company's IT security is measuring up to tomorrow's IT threats? If you ask us we would like to help you protecting your business against rapidly changing cyberattacks. Our main task is to be at the forefront of the development and tell you about new security solutions that correspond to threats. Always based on protecting your business in the most optimum way.

IT security policy that is being used

Is your company's IT security policy buried in the shared drive? An IT security policy not integrated into your employees' work day will take you nowhere. We will gladly help you developing an IT security policy that takes into account that employees should be able to use it in practice. Among other things it is a matter of drawing attention to danger signals and how the employees should respond.

IT security with a focus on business

We work with IT security from a business perspective. In our experience, you not only get rid of the fear of cybercrime with effective IT security solutions  – but you also release some business potentials.

Guarantee of secure IT

We are certified to use the Hosting mark. It is your guarantee that we meet stringent IT security requirements.

Great support

Constant access to IT support. 24 hours a day. Every day. All year round. We are there for you if you need us.

Business before solution

We always talk business before we talk IT security solution. This ensures optimum protection for your business.









Part of the good company

You do not get certifications automatically. You have to qualify for them. Year after year. This is why we work hard every day. So that you are guaranteed solutions that always meet strict quality and safety requirements. More about our certifications

Effective IT security solutions

When you co-operate with us as your security partner, you gain access to certified IT security specialists who can use the market’s best security products effectively for the benefit of your business.

Secure DNS

An IT security tool that functions as a traffic filter on your company’s network.

SMS Passcode multi-factor validation

User validation by the use of a mobile phone.

Stay Secure e-mail protection

The service in the cloud that protects email from spam and viruses.


Efficient antivirus solution against viruses, spyware and spam.


Backup Office 365 – independent backup and recovery solution, providing an extra layer of security.

Workshop: Get an overview of the company’s IT with an IT security analysis

Spend four hours with our security experts and get a status of your company's IT security. The price is reasonable, and after the workshop you will get a safety assessment with recommendations summarising the risks and consequences.

The workshop agenda

  • checkBackup and restore
  • checkEmergency plan
  • checkDocument handling
  • checkExternal access
  • checkPhysical security, equipment and locations
  • checkEmployee handbook
  • checkMobile security
  • checkNetwork
  • checkPassword policy

3 questions we have heard before

Is my company too small and uninteresting in relation to IT threats?

No, there is no safety zone for small businesses. It is no longer just the largest and most powerful companies that are exposed to cyber attacks. We will gladly help you developing an optimal IT security policy that protects your company and your business area.

How can I be sure that you are able to manage the IT security?

Our data centre is certified according to the security declaration ISAE 3402, and we are authorised to use the Hosting mark. It is your guarantee that we always live up to the stringent requirements of the trade association (BFIH). Among other things, you can be sure that we are financially stable and well covered by insurance.

How do I know whether you will protect my company's IT optimally?

If you hand over your IT security to us, we always carry out a thorough risk assessment. We identify threats and vulnerabilities in your business and assess where it makes sense to intervene in relation to your business. Unfortunately, you can never have 100% security  – it is always a risk assessment. More about the Hosting mark

Are you considering outsourcing your company's IT security to us?

Let us talk about how IT security can protect your business.

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