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The threat posed by hackers and criminals is greater than ever before. Would you know if IT criminals had gained access to your company? What happens if you do discover a breach? Have you the tools and preparedness to cope?

Preventive action to stall an attack is important – and having a tried and tested detection and response plan is vital. In other words, it is crucial that a strategy is put in place to assure the security of your IT systems. We have the tools, the expertise and the experience to help you.

Prevent attacks without putting your business in a choke hold

If IT security is implemented on the day that a ransom ware demand drops into the in-tray, it has already been a costly error – and may prove impossible to correct. So, what should one do?

A holistic approach is needed to secure your company against cyber threats. There is unfortunately no magic trick to keep the problems at bay – however, there are many excellent questions that need to be addressed. 

Take a stand with regard to the right security level for your company. Think about assuring security without stifling employees’ efforts to add value for customers. High levels of security are not objectives in themselves. The objective is to operate and develop your business. Day in, and day out.


What preventive measure do you have for unwanted guests?

Putting the right IT security strategy in place requires access to tools, skills and an overall plan that ensures that systems, processes and people talk to each other and work towards the same goal.  

In IT Relation you have a partner who can deliver a framework that assures efficient IT security. From risk assessments, through advanced logging, 24/7 preparedness, an ISO 27001-compliant Security Operations Centre, and information security to well-documented processes.

We ensure that your company's security levels are adapted to the current level of threat. In this way, you and your colleagues can react quickly and appropriately in the face of damage.

Shall we discuss the right IT security strategy for you?

Are you in control of the IT investments undertaken by the individual departments in your business? If the answer is ‘No’, you are at risk of losing all your security and governance in one go.

How great is the risk that hackers will attack?

Unfortunately, it's quite likely that they will. Cyber criminals attack companies on a daily basis, irrespective of the size of the enterprise. The truth is that it can happen to your company, too. The question is whether you know what consequences await, should you be the victim of ransom ware or laid low by a DDoS attack (distributed denial-of-service). How exposed are you, in fact?

Granted, it’s a difficult question to answer. But it is always our starting point when we come to discuss IT security with you. Because the main concern is not the specific technology you choose, but that your business, customers and employees are properly protected.

Can security keep up?

It's not news to say that the demands on companies’ IT departments and platforms are growing. What is news however is the speed with which these demands are now growing. That means enormous strains on you, not least because of the obligation to assure IT security, which must be in proportion to the current level of threat.

In light of this, do you see a Relation between strict compliance and the need for flexibility in business?

Four ways to better IT security


Begin with the base line

There is no one action that will solve all IT security challenges, but having a good baseline means you are on the way. Using Baseline Security Plus, our IT security experts configure your company's products and services so that you can uphold IT security across users, units and data. This is a wise first step.


Keep an eye on what you don’t normally see

Monitoring is one of the keys to better IT security. Our servers therefore monitor more than 30 parameters. Twenty-four hours a day, we survey actions on the network in order to react to the smallest doubt – and our Security Operations Centre (SOC) assesses and counters the individual identified vulnerabilities, security threats and incidents.


We know who is coming and going

Digital security must be supported by physical measures. Our procedural documents concerning information security are certified under ISO 27001, and are regularly evaluated. What is more, our data centre is certified under the ISAE 3402 assurance standard. All this is to afford you and your company the greatest possible security.


Security policies that work

Your colleagues are the greatest source of security breaches: It is personal errors that often result in outages. It is therefore vital that employees are informed about your organisation's security initiatives, so that everyone knows which procedures they must follow.

Compliance is a matter of both procedure and technical knowledge

Cloud solutions and innovation exert pressures on the company’s IT security. It is therefore important that general frameworks are in place.

Our dedicated IT security department use recognised ISO 27001 procedures as their starting point, selecting the correct technical solutions for the challenges your company faces. This means that the solution we provide is a holistic one that takes all security challenges, on all levels, seriously.

See our certificates

There is much more to your business’s IT security than technical solutions and strict requirements for passwords. To assure systems and data in a complex landscape, you need an integrated approach combining technology, processes and human behaviour. We are already helping a vast number of large companies with these issues. We can also help you.

Protect users, accounting systems and management

Cyber criminals grow more clever and more sophisticated with every passing day. Often, they try to enter a company's systems through its users – for example with phishing. Some phishing emails are easy to spot; with others, it is almost impossible. 

We can help protect your company against attacks. For example, you will get help strengthening access codes and scanning emails for scams. How does this sound?

Shall we make life difficult for hackers?

Our specialists are ready to discuss means of strengthening IT security in your company. Fill out the form to be contacted by IT Relation.

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