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Lise Kvistgaard Bloch

HR Business Partner, IT Relation

Lasse Staunstrup Lassen

Sales Manager, IT Relation

We pledge ourselves to creating strong relationships. This applies to our customers, and in equal measure to our colleagues: the quality of the workplace, with close relations, is what forms the basis of good answers to problems. Our offices are in eight locations: perhaps there is a chair for you in one of them?

Great ambitions – for you too

Our ambition is to be the best supplier of IT one could possibly find, whether as a customer or as an employee. We would love to have you on board. It does not matter whether you are a complete beginner or a black belt in digital projects. The main thing is that you have the desire and the talent to build bridges and establish close links with our customers.

You are important to us

We collect workers who enjoy going to work. People who by default believe that going to work should be fun, and that making a difference is fulfilling. For customers, for colleagues and for themselves. Have you got what it takes?

Do you want to be part of the team?

Are you keen to come so close to the world of our customers that you can identify the IT platforms that will transform their business? Take a look at the jobs on offer right now and consider whether any of them might be your thing. We always need the right person – if both parties feel that this is the right relationship.

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Find a career that is in tune with your interests – be an apprentice

At IT Relation you can pursue stimulating training as an IT apprentice. The course will equip you with all the tools for a future job in, for example, IT support, IT consultancy, or as a director of IT operations.

You will join an intensive course at our internal academy, in the company of other pupils. You will learn both through practical work and traditional studies. At the academy, training will include IT systems, company cultures, insight into customers’ issues and, not least, the value of customer service: you will be taught how to form good relationships.

Do you want to be part of the team?

“As a pupil at IT Relation, you're faced with professional challenges. But you also make some good friends. A lot takes place outside the workplace – it's easy to speak to colleagues other than the people you meet on a daily basis. That strengthens morale and confidence, and at work you also meet people it's fun to be with.”

Simon Lund Hougesen,
Support Specialist-pupil

“At IT Relation, I can choose a specialism in the area I am interested in. This was a really important factor for my professional development. I’m very happy that this is not a 'conveyor belt' apprenticeship, but a tailored training course that speaks to my skills and competencies. It works as a reciprocal process where we create a plan that is just right for me.”

Jens Martin Havn,
Cloud Infrastrutcure Specialist-pupil

“Every day poses new challenges, where you really can develop. You never worry about starting on a new task because a colleague is always there to help – even if the pressure is on and people need to juggle several things at one time. IT Relation has plenty of joint events where departments are mixed together. You never feel like a stranger in the company. There's a great feeling of community.”

Martin Darc Sandberg,
Operation Specialist-pupil

“At present, 90 % of all pupils have continued their careers at IT Relation once their training is complete”

Kristine Brødsgaard Axelsen, Recruitment

Acquisitions Manager Kasper Veng talks about his development opportunities at IT Relation

“I started an apprenticeship at IT Relation in 2007. Afterwards, I worked in various functions as a consultant, as an account manager and in our implementation division. From 2015, I worked as the Service Desk Team leader and Academy Officer.

In 2017 I was tempted to try a new job away from IT Relation. It was an exciting time, but after two years I wanted to come back. I joined the M&A team as an Acquisitions Manager, and am still there today.

I chose to return to IT Relation because I missed all my old colleagues – and at the same time I was offered an opportunity I couldn't say ‘no’ to. An exciting and demanding job where I can put my own stamp on IT Relation's ongoing journey. At the same time, I can be involved in strategy-making and acquisitions.

The saying, "the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence" was certainly true at that time of my life. Not because it was a bad experience; just that I could appreciate how good things are at IT Relation. IT Relation is a company in constant development. A ‘typical day’ does not exist, which I think is great! It keeps you on your toes.

When I was away from IT Relation, I missed my colleagues, the teamwork and the familial atmosphere we've always had. Besides that, I missed the many opportunities to develop myself and others, and continually witnessing new and old employees having the chance to reach new heights and ambitions in their careers”.

Vitamins for the brain

We often revisit the classroom for new knowledge and continuing professional development. In our academy, you will have training by both internal and external teachers. You will have the opportunity to specialise in IT products and new technologies.

Conviviality and cheer

IT Relation's academy is a natural venue for lectures and social activities – even including talks about food and lifestyle. As an employee, you will find that we safeguard your health: this is because we believe that there is a strong connection between your well-being and job satisfaction.

Are you interested in a Relation with us?

Jytte Vesterby Damm

Client Manager, IT Relation

Jeppe Kruse Jørgensen

Client Manager, IT Relation