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The No Problem Culture

No problem is the headline of our business culture. Our mission is to solve IT problems. Always with a smile. Does it work or not work for your business? We bring IT strategical challenges back to the ground - and over and done with. Our culture is executing and not theorizing. No buzzwords and no code talk.
It is every day action that counts for us.

Executing versus theorizing

Our No Problem culture characterizes the whole company. It is our way of handling IT challenges. Always with the execution as a starting point. The challenges are solved, when they are solved in practice - not in theory or on the drawing board. That is, what characterizes us. 

No matter if you are in need of a Service Desk employee at 12 AM or a system developer to develop an IT solution, you will receive action from us. Every single day. The workday is crucial. It must work for your business. Both on short- and long term.

Put to work versus Onboarding
Business first versus Disruption
Check lists versus Process charts
Does it work or not? versus Blah, blah, blah

No problem is practised by everybody. From supporters and solution architects to customer consultants 

No problem is not just something we say. It is something we are. Our culture characterizes the whole company from the first time, you meet a Client Manager to the day, you have an IT challenge and urgently need a Service Desk worker.

It is our unique exeution culture and the extraordinary approach to solving the IT tasks, you can expect. No matter, who of the Everyday IT Superheroes, you will meet.

The No Problem culture's 6 core points

Our culture is binding. And affected by this, you will be a part of the Everyday IT Superheroes. We hire based on the core points. We solve IT challengesbased on the core points. And we lead based on the core points. It is our way of making sure that the culture is embedded as a foundation for the Everyday IT Superheroes.

1. Keep what you promise
2. Say yes with a smile
3. Make your colleague better
4. Make IT simple
5. Understand the customer's business
6. Think as a leader

This is how our customers see us in everyday life

Our customers tell us, from time to time, their opinion of us. It is, in reality, the only way we can try out our culture.

We are able to act quickly and effectively, because IT Relation always has the relevant ressources, when we need them. At the same time, we are to a greater extent than before able to accomplish bigger projects that require a lot of ressources, because IT Relation delivers the necessary personnel - and does it quickly. It makes us very agile - a vastly important quality for us. 

– Martin Hvass Mørup
Head of IT at J. Lauritzen A/S

We chose IT Relation, because it was simply best for BPI on a string of parametres. We felt a good chemistry. IT Relation understood our company and could acquaint itself with the issues we had, and that is why we chose IT Relation, which we do not regret. We have not had undesirable stoppage, and our systems have become both faster and more effective. We have now been in operation for approximately one year, and overall it has been a positive process. We would like to recommend others to use IT Relation as a business partner. 

– Jesper Brix
CEO at Bramming Plast Industri

The part, which makes us happy with the solution we have with IT Relation, is that we only have one supplier, which means we have one-point of contact. We are well-known in IT Relation as a customer, and if we have problems, IT Relation is really quick to help. It has a great benefit in everyday life that there is not any waiting time to receive help, and that IT problems, therefore does not slow down the effectiveness in the company.

– Peter Maltha
Head of Customer and Facility at Hillerød Forsyning

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